The Closer Next Of Kin S03E14-15 (TNT)

The Closer is an American television police drama series. The show, which focuses upon the character of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick), is shown on TNT (Turner Network Television). Since its inception, the show has chronicled the cases of Johnson, who comes from Atlanta to Los Angeles to head up a special unit of the LAPD that handles sensitive, high-profile murder cases (Priority Homicide Division). Johnson’s quirky personality and hard-nosed approach often rub her colleagues the wrong way, but her reputation as one of the world’s best interrogators eventually wins over even her toughest critics.

Brenda is investigating a double homicide. Brenda’s parents make an appearance as she has to cross state lines in order to apprehend their main suspect. Things go a bit awry when Provenza and Flynn try to take him back on a plane. In the end, they have to RV back to LA in the Johnson’s RV.

I thought that parts of this feature length episode were long, especially in the RV. Still this was a good episode of The Closer. I haven’t managed to finish watching the Saving Grace episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Brenda and Fritzi are decorating their place for Christmas. They are showing it to prospective buyers again. It’s a gay couple with a newborn baby.

Brenda has to walk in to get her gun. She’s called to a double homicide.

Commander Taylor is on the scene. Chief Pope called in Deputy Chief Johnson, against the commander’s wishes. This is the same crew that Taylor’s detectives have been investigating for the past 11 months. Chief Pope needs some results. The crew is down to two men. The third didn’t participate this time.

Chief Johnson asks the surviving guard a few questions. He was grazed by a bullet and is on the way to the ER.

Wesley Reed, the driver of the armored car, disappeared from the ER. The chief stakes out Reed’s place. They see the lights go on and move in. It’s not Wesley but they manage to chase him down.

Gary the realtor comes by and tells her that the gay guys made an offer. They made an offer of 20K over the asking price. Fritzi is there. He is able to calm Gary down. Brenda ducks out and goes into the interrogation room.

Brenda is overplaying her Southern accent to get the boy to open up. She gets him to tell him his first name. It’s Grady. He’s Wesley’s brother. Brenda tells him that they found over $8K in Wesley’s apartment. He tells her the names of Wesley’s pals. It’s Thumps and RJ. She manages to get from Grady that his brother went to Atlanta.

She makes Fritzi promise to go with her to Atlanta if she signs the offer.

The Chief learns from Sgt Gabriel that Wesley is back in jail because he had an outstanding bench warrant. His grandmother turned him in to the police.

Brenda’s dad finds Brenda’s nickname for Fritz funny.

Brenda’s attempt at Southern charm falls on deaf ears with the Sheriff. Fritzi saves the day by flashing his FBI badge and talking with the Sheriff. He did this after being told by Brenda to be quiet and not let his Yankee accent show. The good old boys’ club is stronger than ever! He manages to talk to Reed without a warrant.

Fritz learns from Reed that he was scared. He flew in from Vegas. Before Fritz can get anywhere, Reed is bailed out of jail. Brenda bailed him out.

They bring him to her parents’ home. Her dad is very disappointed. They cancelled plans in Florida with their other children to be with Brenda, and all she wants is to hunt down a fugitive. She calls Lt Flynn to come over and get Reed with Provenza.

The next morning, Provenza and Flynn come by to get Reed. Reed gets everyone in trouble by saying he has a bomb at the airport.

Flynn and Provenza are put on a no-fly zone and have to go back to see the chief. They can’t find anyway of transporting the prisoner. Brenda’s dad suggests their RV. The parents are coming with them. It’s a big RV, and everyone is on board. Brenda’s mom is driving.

Wesley tries to escape. They have to pull over to stop him from getting out of the bathroom window. Brenda tells Wesley that his brother is dead. She wants Tao to fake a crime scene at Reed’s place. Pope is getting impatient.

Sgt Gabriel and Detective Sanchez finally make some progress with Grady. He identifies RJ. The chief shows his picture to Wesley. He tells her what happened. Wesley signs the extradition waiver. He tells all.

In exchange for leniency, Wesley will try to find his accomplices.

The Chief let Robbery Homicide take the lead so that she can pick up the pieces if they mess up.

The Deputy Chief comes home to find her mother in a state. They found out that Grady was still alive. Brenda lied to them as well. She tells her that two men died because of Wesley. Gabriel comes to inform the Chief that Wesley dumped the camera and did a runner.

They recover the camera. It’s been planted at the location of the next robbery. Wesley figured out that Grady is still alive. He also figured out that Grady told the cops who his accomplices were. If he could figure it out, they will to. The chief had GPS tracers implanted in Wesley’s sneakers. They stake out the bank.

The robbers are making their move. Wesley comes out with a gun and shoots them. The TAS security guard kills Wesley.

The Johnsons take Grady out for Christmas dinner. Brenda took Wesley’s death hard. The Johnsons want to take Grady with them back home.

* * * * *

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