Kid Nation Where Is Bonanza Dude S01E12 (CBS)

I’ve changed my mind about Kid Nation. It’s just like some form of summer camp activity with cameras. CBS has noticed it as well, because the ratings aren’t great either. It’s still interesting to see the kids interact.

The town council leaves to explore around Bonanza. They leave Sophia in charge. The council is actually absent during the showdown, but the kids win it anyway. Sophia takes the decision. There is only one episode left of this season of Kid Nation. I thought this was an interesting show. Naturally, it would have been more interesting if the kids were really left by themselves, but I guess that’s illegal.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sophia claims a small plot of land in town. She tells everyone that if they want to pass, they need to pay her 5 cents. She had a theory that if she did this, all of the kids would want to cross into her plot. They did.

The town council reads the journal. They have to go on a hike to see what is out there. The town council decides to give Sophia the power of a tyrant or dictator.

The council all left for the hike. That wasn’t a good decision. They found some Native Americans.

Sophia did a great job enforcing the jobs. She opens the arcade. The greens are worried about the impact of the arcade.

Jared and Alex go for a walk and find a cow skeleton.

The town council is absent for the showdown. They have to carry and dissemble a little shack. They have to reassemble it west. The greens win the upper class. The reds are merchants. The blues are the cooks. The yellows are the laborers. The kids win the reward. The 1st choice is a monument to what they did in Bonanza City. The second choice is a hot air balloon ride. Sophia chooses the hot air balloons.

The town council comes back and misses out on the hot air balloon ride. The focus for the gold star is on Alex or Jared. Both are extremely smart and young.

Migle gets a few nominations. Jared nominates himself for the gold star. Zach nominates himself. He freaks out and cries. He goes back and tells them that they suck. Greg comforts Zach. DK tells Greg that he is full of it, for dissing the guy behind his back and then hugging him.

The town council decides to close the arcade for good for now. Alex gets the gold star.

The kids have a campfire and share some stories and feelings.

* * * * *

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