Kid Nation We’ve All Decided To Go Mad S01E13 (CBS)

I’ve changed my mind about Kid Nation. It’s just like some form of summer camp activity with cameras. CBS has noticed it as well, because the ratings aren’t great either. It’s still interesting to see the kids interact.

It’s the season finale of this show and the kids award the last gold star to someone. Later they discover that if they win the showdown, they will get to award three 50000$ gold stars. The council will be taking this decision. The kids freak out on their last day in Bonanza. Chaos and unlawfulness break out. There isn’t a lot the council can do. There is an emotional reunion towards the end. Most of the parents are very proud of their kids. The kids are sad to leave their friends.

I thought this show was interesting. Hopefully next season, if there is a new season of Kid Nation, the scriptwriters will find ways of making this show more interesting. If they stick to the same format, it’s just going to get boring fast.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mike can’t sleep. He finds the job board on fire. He gets everybody up and they try and put it out.

Jonathan comes by and explains that they don’t have any jobs or money.

The kids have started raiding the stores for all that they have. Zach and DK aren’t too happy about what has happened.

During dinner, the town council tells them that they will clean up Bonanza tomorrow. The town is a mess. The kids clean up the town.

They have to give the last gold star. The council has a hard time making the decision. He starts to cry because it’s the last gold star to give. They give it to Zach.

Emily wants to be part of the yellow district girl’s party when they bring the chickens into their bunk. Kelsey tries to tell her that they want a night for themselves, only the yellow district girls. Emily doesn’t take it well.

Migle intervenes when things go out of control. Naturally the pretty girls don’t want the fatso hanging around. DK says that Migle really took control of the situation.

Jonathan comes by and shows them the bigger 50K stars that they will give out. There are three. The town has to earn them. Two big gold stars will go to other gold star winners or the council. The other one will be given out to anyone. The town council has to make the decision.

They win the reward. Their families show up. The kids have an emotional reunion. It’s time to give out the big gold stars.

The 1st recipient is Sophia. The 2nd is Morgan. The 3rd is Migle.

* * * * *

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