Christmas Problems With Scooters

Yesterday morning, my scooter broke down. On Christmas day. It wasn’t the start of the day that I’d expected. My scooter had been acting funny the day before. I’d have to continually rev it so that the engine didn’t choke. After a few hours, it was behaving normally again.

My morning routine is pretty fixed. Any delay will cause me to be late for work. I knew I was going to be late. The scooter didn’t start. I had to push it to a nearby parking spot. I tried starting it again, it didn’t work. I then flagged a taxi and went to work. I was called by the administrative assistant while I was on my way. It was assembly day and I was going to be late. I head up the assembly every Tuesday. It’s pretty easy. The good thing was that I was only a few minutes away. I managed to be late by only 5 minutes.

I wasn’t looking forward the afternoon. I had planned on meeting my wife and I knew that it was possible that I wouldn’t make it on time. I took a cab to where the scooter was parked. I had the taxi driver explain to my mechanic back in Banciao where I was. I was in Taishan, on GueZe Rd. I thought that I would only have 10 minutes to wait. I was wrong.

I waited for 90 minutes. The mechanic got lost and couldn’t find me. He finally pulled up at around 1:45PM. He drove my scooter to Banciao. He took a strange longer route as well. He lent me a scooter and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was. I think it was a Kymco Fuzzy 125cc. It was not that old and drove very quickly. The brakes were great and the handling was incredible. I could sway a lot easier with this machine. It was a lot faster. It went up to 80KPH very quickly. I got it up to 105KPH. I managed to do 100 KPH with the wife on the back! Later on, I picked up my scooter at 8PM. The damage? NT850$ (US25$).

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