Doctor Who The Voyage of the Damned 2005 S04E00 (BBC)

As usual with the new series of Doctor Who, there is a Christmas special. This special feature length episode usual bridges the gap between seasons and is a good way to resolve cliffhangers.

With the Doctor Who franchise encompassing The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, on top of the main series, there is a lot of Doctor Who available for fans. I believe that the Doctor has never been this popular. A new K-9 show for kids will air on Australian television in July 2008.

The Doctor just left Martha Jones. He is without a companion. I know that Catherine Tate will play the next companion. She reprises her role from the 2006 Christmas special as Donna Noble. I don’t know how well she will work. I’ve seen the little trailer at the end of this episode and I’m not sure. However, the episodes look great. I can’t wait for the beginning of the season. The next season of Torchwood will be on BBC Two in mid January. That’s not far away.

I thought that the Christmas special was good. David Tennant does play a great Doctor. He mentioned on Top Gear last week that it had been his childhood fantasy to play the Doctor. Kylie Minogue‘s role as Astrid Peth was interesting. Her hair looked a bit ridiculous, but her acting was alright.

Once again, London is threatened by annihilation. The Doctor has to save the world once again. I almost thought that the Daleks had made a comeback during this episode. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

At the end of last season, the TARDIS got hit by the Titanic. The Doctor was alone again. The Doctor repairs the damage quickly and parks the TARDIS on the deck of the Titanic.

Kylie Minogue plays a waitress on the Titanic. The Doctor is surprised to find strange robots and aliens on board. The Titanic is a space vessel. It reminds me of the giant luxury space yacht in the Fifth Element.

The captain dismisses his bridge crew and takes the helm. A young officer quotes the regs and remains on the bridge, at the captain’s leave.

The Doctor asks a few questions to the robots. The robot fails at the mention of Max Capricorn, owner of the cruiselines. That’s the eighth that breaks down. They haven’t really broken down. They are planning something.

The Doctor finds out that the Titanic is from the planet Stowe, from the Caspian Belt.

The Doctor meets some interesting people and makes new friends. He takes Astrid along. They teleport down. The streets are empty. London has been deserted because of the last two Christmases. Everybody went away to the country.

The meteorites that the young officer spotted are heading straight for the ship. The captain magnetizes the hull to attract them.

The Doctor does some tinkering and finds out about the meteorites. He tries to warn the bridge. The captain doesn’t care.

The Doctor is taken into custody. The captain has to shoot the young officer to stop him from activating the shields.

The meteorites hit the Titanic. It’s lost in space. The TARDIS is released from its docking place and heads straight to Earth. The Doctor sees this.

The robots start to kill everyone.

The engines are failing. If they fail, the Titanic will hit Earth and eradicate all life.

One of the robots says that their commands come from deck 31. The Doctor finds that there is a part of deck 31 that is completely shielded.

When the Host come flying in, Banacafalata uses an EMP generated by his power source. He deactivates afterwards. The Doctor learns that the plan was to kill the human race. Astrid wants to be the next companion and the Doctor agrees.

The Doctor is cornered by the Host and is able to get them to take him to their leader. Astrid teleports there. The Doctor finds Max Capricorn there. He’s just a head on top of a life support vehicle. Capricorn was voted off by his own board. If he crashes the ship, the shares will be halved in value. If it crashes, the whole board will be jailed.

Astrid gets on a forklift and tries to kill Capricorn. She plunges to her death as well. She is the third person to do so in this episode.

The Doctor uses the Host to get onto the bridge. The engines ignite just in time to save the Queen and Buckingham Palace from a fiery death.

The Doctor remembers that Astrid had a teleport bracelet on her. Her molecules were in memory. There wasn’t enough of her left to save.

The Doctor goes to find the TARDIS.

* * * * *

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