The Amazing Race Honestly They Have Witch Powers or Something S12E08 (CBS)

In the last episode, the Goths finished last. They will hit a Speedbump in this episode and will have to work hard to stay in the race.

I’ve read on the wiki site that the next season of the Amazing Race has already been greenlit. With Survivor airing in February, CBS will most likely push for an early March release for the show. This is to make sure that they have something to air because of the WGA strike that is still going on.

There is actually no way for any episodes to be shot and completed before the end of the season. Most likely, shows like Lost and 24 which would air from January onward, will have to be postponed. Actually, Lost has filmed a few episodes. 24 is postponed from what I have read.

Will the Goths be able to stay in the race or will Jen/Nate’s bickering come to an end? The teams travel to India to do some tasks there. It’s not easy, and the top spot keeps getting shuffled around. People end up lost and don’t know what to do. In the end, a team I wished that would have stayed on for longer is eliminated. It’s too bad, I thought that they were very entertaining.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The teams have to travel to Mumbai, India. They will have to purchase a newspaper from a newspaper stall and look for an ad for their next clue. Nick and Don start first and book their flights for the next morning. Don/Chris make their reservation for the same flight. Jen/Nate arrive at the airport. It’s closed. The Goths and Rachel/TK arrive as well.

The teams are surprised that Don/Chris and the Grandpa team have reserved tickets. Jen/Nate make it onto the first flight. The Goths and Rachel/TK have to take a later flight.

The Goths are trying to act their way out of a jiffy, making sure that Rachel/TK take the wrong flight. Rachel/TK’s flight arrives at 1AM. The Goths arrive only 20 minutes after the other teams. The first teams are delayed. The Goths arrive first. The other teams arrive at 11:05PM. The stall only opens at 6AM. All of the teams have to wait.

The Goths find the clue first and have to travel by auto rickshaw to a tailor shop. Don/Chris follow a bit later. Rachel/TK find it too. Nate/Jen continue squabbling and don’t find it.

The Goths get lost and the Grandpa team get into first position. They face a Detour. They have to paste a Bollywood movie poster onto a wall. In thread’em, they have to thread 108 flowers correctly. Don/Chris are 2nd. Rachel/TK move into third. The Goths finally make it to the shop. The Grandpa team is lost. Don/Chris start the detour first. They aren’t working well together.

The Goths complete the Speedbump quickly. The Grandpa team move back into first place. They must make their way to a traffic island. There is a U-Turn ahead.

Rachel/TK complete their flower necklace and are in 2nd place. The Goths arrive and see how much Nate/Jen are squabbling.

Don is breaking down. Chris is upset at him. She decides to take the whole thing down and do it herself. She completes is well. Don/Chris are in 3rd place.

The Grandpa team get lost and Rachel/TK move into first. The teams must now travel to a propane gas depot. The Grandpa team are 2nd. Don/Chris choose not to U-Turn anybody. They are in 3rd.

At the depot, they have to complete a Roadblock and deliver 6 propane gas tanks by bicycle.

Nate/Jen plan on U-Turning the Goths. The Goths beat them there. They U-Turn Nick/Don. What a great move! Karma!

Rachel/TK complete the Roadblock first. They make their way to the next pit stop. Nick/Don follow closely. Don/Chris make up the top three. The Goths arrive and start the Roadblock. Nate/Jen arrive and they have to compete.

Oh my gosh, I don’t have any brakes!

Rachel/TK finish first. Jen doesn’t take the receipts when she delivers the propane tanks. Kynt gives his receipt to his first delivery.

Nick/Don finish 2nd. Don/Chris finish 3rd. It’s a battle to finish 4th. Kynt gives away the receipts. The Goths will be eliminated. Kynt has to run back to get the receipts. Nate/Jen are lost again. Jen is freaking out. They think that they can run there.

The Goths make up some ground, but how much time will they have made up? Both teams finally get into cabs to go to Bandra Fort. Nate/Jen are fourth. The Goths are eliminated.

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