Burnt Bridges And Sports Day Madness

A nice blurry view of the Sunworld Dynasty Taipei (王朝大酒店). Part of the Last Minute 2008 Series.

I’m in the final days of working at buxibans for the next few months.

I’m in the final leg. It’s funny how the schools have already put me aside. I don’t really care. Of course I’ll some kids, not all of them. But like my wife said, it’s your first students that you’ll miss and those ones are in Hsinchu.

Today the school practice their Sports Day dances. Sports Day was supposed to happen on a Sunday morning in December. It didn’t take place because a lot of the kids were sick. There was some virus going around at that time and the school decided to postpone Sports Day until the second week of January. I had been trying to find a way out of this, because these kinds of events are just a bunch of BS in my opinion. They are there to please the parents and to make grand gestures. The teachers and the administration are under a lot of pressure, and in turn they exert this pressure on the little kids to perform.

It was going to take place on a Sunday morning, and I would only get an hour’s pay. The event might actually last three hours in total, and I’d have to be up on Sunday at 7AM to get to the stadium at 8:20AM. I’m pretty stoked that I don’t have to go anymore. Too bad, so sad, like my wife likes to say.

I’ve come to think about the school in Sinjhuang as a prison camp. It’s the biggest school I work at and the worse, when it comes to corporal punishment and employee satisfaction. I also work at another branch of the same school in TaiShan. Everybody in Taishan hates the Sinjhuang teaching director. They also hate working in Sinjhuang because of the hostile work environment.

Honestly, I don’t give a shit anymore. I mean, I haven’t burned my bridges, but I’ve got other things in mind and jobs like that are a dime a dozen in Taiwan.

So there I was, eating my snack and getting my morning hamburger at the local breakfast joint. I like break time because I never eat any breakfast. It gives me the time to do so at around 10AM. I was supervising the kids, even though I wasn’t paid to do so. I was doing their contact books when I was informed that the kids had to head downstairs to practice their routines. I said OK, and let them leave. I finished my work. It was time for class, but I knew that the kids would be busy for another hour at least. I went downstairs and tried to help out.

The owner of the school was there. She is the owner of three branches of the same school and from what I hear, a rich woman. She meticulously took notes and told the kids and the assembled teachers what they had done wrong. It was kind of funny since I am not involved in this anymore. There is a clear pecking order. All of the teachers were sucking up to the owner. The principal was nowhere to be seen. It is said that he is afraid of her.

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