Götzburg Technical Baselayers

Göztburg is a German company which was founded in 1889.

They make technical baselayers, from thermal underwear to sweat wicking T-shirts. The thermal underwear is called Power Concept Thermo Bi System. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any reference to it on their website. My guess is that they have discontinued production of these layers. Which might be the reason why it’s being sold off at 20% off at the outdoor shops in Taipei.

The Basic System is based on a highly functional double layered system. It’s designed as a technical baselayer for snowsports, outdoor/trekking, teamsports and tennis. The inner layer is made out of Tactel (polyamide) which ensures rapid sweat wicking from the skin’s surface. Tactel is a very light fabric. I’ve seen in in Eider technical underwear as well.

The outer shell is made out of Proviscose from the company Lenzing. This second fabric absorbs the moisture and stores it. It transports it to the next layer. Thermal regulation is possible. The Basic System is available in black or white.

The Thermo Bi System is thermal underwear. It too uses a double layered system. Instead of using Tactel, this one uses Thermolite. The outer shell is made out of a mix of polyester and angora wool. This absorbs the moisture. This one is also available in black or white. It is designed for outdoor/trekking and snowsports.

I got a T-shirt and some thermal underwear two weeks ago. I’ve been testing them out this week, because of the cold. They work extremely well. I especially like the feel of the Basic System. It’s a lot better than other baselayers that I’ve tried and the fit is really nice. I recommend it.

Expect to pay about NT1000$ (US27$) for a T-shirt of the Basic System. About NT1800$ (US57$) for the thermal underwear. BTW, you’ll have to shell out two times 57$ to get the long sleeved T-shirt and the long underwear to have a complete system. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

I thought that Bridgedale made Gore-Tex socks, but they don’t. Their Summit GTX socks are approved for use by Gore-Tex. I checked the fabric content. I prefer their Heavyweight Endurance Summit socks. I actually think that the socks are the same as the Endurance Summit socks, but from another model year. The GTX leads to think about Gore-Tex and this label might have been put on by some online retailers, not Bridgedale themselves. In the shop, the sock was named Summit. My guess is that it’s the Expedition Summit. The new model is called Endurance Summit. Though I couldn’t tell if it was a heavyweight sock.

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