Sports Day Madness Part II

It was pointed out by Thoth that my last post on life as a teacher in Taiwan was unfinished. I have to agree with them. So, here is the next part of that post.

The owner of the three schools had just arrived and was taking notes. The teachers were all very stressed. I was the lone foreigner there and watched the spectacle. It was entertaining from multiple points of view. For one, the show was kind of cute. All these kids dancing and going through their routines. Two, seeing the teachers freaking out was also a bit funny, in a strange way.

So there I was looking at this whole thing. I started out by drinking my hot milk tea to warm up. We were outside and it wasn’t warm. I had on multiple layers and was fine. It must not have been that much fun for the kids. They didn’t have their coats on.

After the owner had finished bossing everybody around, the kids went back upstairs. A few kids had to stay behind to show their routine once again to the owner. Class resumed an hour late and I was pretty happy about that. The owner doesn’t really care about this branch. She cares a lot more about her other two schools. This was one of the few times that I actually saw her at this branch. My guess is that they aren’t making a lot of money, which is why she doesn’t really care. This is the branch that will be loosing almost all of their Taiwanese teachers because of the ineptitude of the school’s principal.

I’m just happy not to have to go to Sports Day. It’s looking like a mad day. It’s on January 13th. I’ll be long gone.

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