Buxiban Crisis And Sports Day Madness Part III

It was my final day working at my buxiban on Friday. I was supposed to work on Monday as well, but I was informed that my services were no longer required since they were going to have another big rehearsal for Sports Day. This rehearsal would involve all three schools.

I took it in strides and asked for a letter of reference. I was assured that I would get one. That made me feel good about the situation. You see, once you’re kind of out of the loop, you can look at the whole affair with a tinge of amusement, which is what I did.

Friday started out pretty normally, but I was informed about the big rehearsal which would happen at 10:50AM. I thought they might have said 10:15, but I didn’t really care. I wasn’t involved in it anymore. I had been told two weeks ago since I wasn’t going to be there, I wouldn’t have to take part in the practices.

La grande répétition.

The big rehearsal.

This was probably just a medium sized rehearsal, because the school didn’t go on site at the Sinjhuang stadium to practice with the other two schools. Then again it was important enough for the owner of the schools and her main lackey to appear and judge the show.

Ellen and I weren’t involved so we watched from the sidelines. Ellen is a Taiwanese English teacher and she is leaving the school as well. The same number of people are leaving as before, almost all but two fo the Taiwanese teachers are leaving the TaiShan branch, which I find kind of amusing.

So there we were and we watched the show. The owner was busy taking notes. Noting any faults. Her lackey May did the same. Everyone hates May, just as much as they hate Rita. Most probably they hate Rita more, because they have to deal with her day in and day out.

There had been some significant changes since I had participated last in the rehearsal back in December. The routines were a bit different and they include two Chinese songs as well. I knew the Chinese songs very well since I run the morning assembly in TaiShan. I had to dance to them every week for about three months. I actually like them. I like them so much that I got a CD before my departure from Celine, the nice supervisor.

Anyway, I thought that the show was funny. May and the owner had other ideas. They took about 10 minutes to tell everyone what they had to change and how to make things better. It was funny to see how they all listened patiently to what simply boiled down to a nagging session. It was really funny for me since I didn’t really understand the language all that well, but I did get the tone and what was implied. The other funny part was how the teachers who hadn’t performed well got called out for it. They also got called out for not having their students be as perfect as they should be during their routines.

There was a part called the Vow of the Sports Day which I found incredibly hilarious. The kids had their arms up in a salute. I’ve noticed that a lot of Taiwanese people have no idea about what exactly Nazis are and what the Holocaust is. Anyway, the kids and the students were doing a Nazi salute, which I found most amusing. Even more amusing was Robert, another foreign teacher. He is in his mid-thirties and Polish. He made a mock Hitler salute as well, and I found this hilarious because he was showing us what the assembled kids were trying to look like. Nazis. Little itty bitty Nazis.

Ah well, I’ve often compared the Sinjhuang branch of the school to a prison camp.

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