Preschool Buxiban Abuse

Since all of the teachers are busy making costumes for the kids, the main abuser at my school found some interesting ways of dealing with 5 year old trouble makers.

First she started by using duct tape. Duct tape you ask? Yes, duct tape. She taped the duct tape onto their little hands and pulled it back roughly. The other strategy involved putting the take on their little mouths and pulling it back. It must hurt badly. The kids cry out in pain and the abuser relishes this.

The other kids told me on Friday that Big Daniel had gotten punished on Tuesday. I asked, really? They said yes. They showed how he was beaten and then put into the cupboard behind the class. I asked them did she really put him in there? The kids said yes.

Maybe that is why each time I talk to Big Daniel his lower lip starts trembling and shaking like a leaf. He’s afraid of getting some more Bad Love.

By Nick Forinterieur, teacher in the Taipei ghetto.

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