SBK Racing Motorcycle Jacket And Gloves Review

Bio-hazard? Yes, a bio-hazard to your wallet!

In November, I decided that driving on the scooter at the speeds that I was going was getting a bit too dangerous. I went to a motorcycle equipment shop and purchased some equipment. I had done some basic research and knew what to expect.

The big thing was actually getting the right size. In Taiwan, where the median height is a lot shorter than my 6 foot frame, getting right sized clothes from local brands is tedious. This is one of the reasons why I buy foreign brands in some things. For example, most of my outdoor gear that I bought for my three month trip back to Quebec, Canada, came from an outdoor shop neat Guting MRT. I mainly bought foreign brands. I did buy some local brands as well for the smaller stuff, like micro-fleece insulating pants, sweaters and the like. In fact none of the foreign brands had insulated toques, so I got a local brand. It’s partially a situation of give and take.

The most annoying thing about these stupid gloves is that the zippers that close the glove are now broken. One gave way a few weeks ago and the other joined in protest this week.

Back to my main subject of this post. I went to this shop, I couldn’t really tell you the exact address. It’s not far from BangKa Blvd on Heping W. Rd. It’s near a Happy Marian school.

More threads falling off the gloves.

Anyways, I went inside and wasn’t surprised to find most of their gear was way too expensive for my taste. I mean, I wasn’t going to spend the worth of my scooter in motorcycle gear, as much as I wanted to. I went through their gloves and made the mistake of getting the cheapest brand, SBK Motorcycle. It’s from China from what I can tell.

The gloves looked pretty rugged.

Rugged? Yeah right! Look at the threads, I haven’t been in an accident or scrape these gloves. They are just falling apart.

I bought a weatherproof motorcycle jacket from the same company for NT4000$ (US121$). There wasn’t a cheaper jacket available and they had my size. It looked nice and had padding on the arms, shoulders and back. It looked pretty secure. I felt secure in it.

Gloves and jacket together.

Almost immediately, after a few days, I noticed these threads coming loose from the velcro pads. It was really annoying. Recently, as you can see from the picture above, the velcro neck strap broke off as well, so there is no way to secure the jacket anymore.

The gloves aren’t really better. The zipper broke on one glove a few weeks ago. The other broke this week. These are also not weatherproof gloves. They get wet and stay wet for a while. It’s really annoying to have wet hands, which is why I wear gloves in the first place.

A broken combo, gloves and jacket.

I’m still wearing them, but I’m pissed off. If I would have spent more money on foreign brand names, I’d still have good gear. Now I’m left with this gear which I’ll just use when I come back to Taiwan. If the seams break apart so easily, you wonder what will happen when I fall down. Anyways, they do still feel secure, but I’m annoyed.

On the other hand, I got to try out my inherited SB-800 speedlight. It works great with my Nikon D200. I had it with me to my wife’s exhibit at Citizen Cain on the weekend, but I must have inadvertently put the camera on manual focus and all of the shots (20) turned out blurry.

I’m very satisfied with this flash. It’s getting me to study flash photography. I’m currently studying Lighting 101 from Strobist.

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