Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E01 (E4)

The format has changed once again. This time, there weren’t any open auditions. The BB team chose individuals from around the country for their special talent. The HM will be in the BBUK house for only 26 days. A celebrity will hijack the BBUK house. The first one is comedian Matt Lucas.

John is the first HM in the house. He is a Scot and member of the youth parliament in Scottish. The first celebrity hijacker is Matt Lucas. He takes the role of BB and can make the HM do whatever he wants, even if it’s against the rules.

John is told by Matt to put in an earpiece. To hide the earpiece, he has to wear a strange hat. If Matt decides that John passed the task, he will win a free pass into the finals as well as a party. If he fails, he will face the public vote each week.

Matt is telling John that he has to saw exactly what he tells him to do and say.

Calista is a 19 year old singer/songwriter.

Matt makes John pretend that he can play any instrument and is involved in jazz.

Anthony is a 19 year old boxer. He’s arrogant. Matt makes John stroke Anthony on the back and be a bit clingy.

Victor and Emilia are brother and sister. They are circus performers.

Jeremy is a 19 year old racing driver. Amy is a 21 year old conceptual artist.

Nathan is a 21 year old RB singer. Liam is a 19 year old web entrepreneur. Latoya is a 20 year old dancer. Jay is a 19 year old fashion designer. Jade is a 21 year old beauty queen with brains.

John is called into the diary room. The other HM see him. John passed the task. He wins a pass into the finals.

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