Robin Hood For England S02E06 (BBC)

Robin Hood is the new version of the series on BBC. It started successfully last year and is currently in its second season. Jonas Armstrong stars as Lord Robin of Locksley.

The first season was quite entertaining, especially since I was a fan of the series that ran on the BBC in 1980s. I remember that the 1980s series had a mystical element to it. The new series is really good. It’s a welcome change from some of the more dreary TV shows on American television networks.

Robin and his band have to intervene to stop the Sheriff from getting his claws into England. Marion is enlisted and things almost go awry.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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At Nottingham Castle, the Sheriff is getting ready to sign the Pact of Nottingham. He kills the mute scribe who wrote it.

Alan tries to find some money in his stash, but the merry band of men surprise him. They see the Black Knights riding to the Castle.

Robin drops in on Marion. An important document is being signed at the Castle. Sir Guy is on his way back to Locksley Manor. He finds Alan waiting for him. Alan begs for a job. Sir Guy tells him to get cleaned up and come find him at the Castle.

At the Castle, Marion and Robin find the Great Pact of Nottingham. In essence, it says that they plan on removing King Richard from power for being absent for so long from his throne. The Sheriff is planning on having the Knights sign on their traitorous allegiance.

Marion discovers that Winchester will sign on. He’s one of Sir Edward’s oldest friends. Robin is able to convince Winchester to not sign. Robin is still unaware that Roger Estoke has been killed and his message to the king intercepted by Sir Guy.

Robin is looking for a way into the Castle. Will has already crafted some fake instruments to get weapons into the Castle. The band poses as musicians. They see Alan go in the Castle as well.

Robin confers with Winchester. Winchester asks Sir Guy about Roger Estoke. Sir Guy tells him that Roger Estoke is dead. Winchester is a traitor. He’s already decided to sign the pact. There is some bad blood between Winchester and Sir Edward. It had to do with Kate, Marion’s mother. Winchester believes that Edward stole Kate away from him. He wants Marion instead.

Winchester wants Sussex and some of Surrey in order to sign the pact. He also wants Marion. He gets Marion and Sussex.

The Sheriff is pissed and wants a hanging. The first man along is Alan. He is to be hung.

Sir Edward tells Robin what Winchester’s intentions are. Sir Guy is trying to get Marion out of Nottingham Castle. He has secured her escape. Will she go? Sir Guy swears that he will help her father escape. The Sheriff surprises Sir Guy as he leaves Marion’s quarters. He tells him to deliver Marion to Winchester.

Robin is too late to stop Marion’s transfer to Winchester. He writes her a goodbye message. He is preparing to sacrifice himself to stop the pact from being signed.

Robin plans on killing all of the Black Knights. He tries to kill them all and thinks that he has done so. But Winchester’s betrayal knows no bounds. The Sheriff was prepared for it and they all survive. Robin is going to get boiled in oil. Alan is there as well. They have to fight. The Sheriff says that the winner will get his freedom. Robin sees Marion in irons and almost dies. The merry men decide to attack. They free Robin and make their getaway. The Sheriff wants Winchester dead. He sends Sir Guy and Alan to take care of this. Gisborne kills Winchester. They save her before the outlaws can intervene.

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