The Amazing Race I Just Hope He Doesn’t Croak On Us S12E09 (CBS)

I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the Goths got eliminated in the last episode. I didn’t think that Nate/Jen deserved to be in the race. But that doesn’t really matter right now. What really matters is that there are only four teams left. Who will win the race?

Ron/Chris haven’t been doing so well as a team. Ron badgers his daughter and doesn’t let her do anything or talk, event though he should listen to her most of the time. On top of that, Ron constantly complains about this and that. It’s funny to watch. We learn a bit more about Chris in this episode. The Grandpa team is slowing down. Don isn’t doing too well and Nick has to pick up the slack.

The race is nearing the end and competition will only get fiercer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The teams start out in Mumbai, India. They leave for Osaka, Japan. They must travel to a Kishiwada castle and find a clue.

The Grandpa team heads directly to the airport. Rachel/TK and Chris/Ron head to travel agents. Jen/Nate have pulled together and look well. It looks like they had a lot of make-up sex.

Rachel/TK will depart at 6:55. Ron/Chris are leaving at 8:25. Ron continues to badger Chris. She tells him in Mandarin to leave her alone. He continues to complain when the taxi driver drops them off at the wrong door at the airport.

Rachel/TK leave first. The others are on the same direct flight. Rachel/TK fly through two other cities before arriving in Osaka. The others are traveling via Hong Kong.

Everyone arrives before Rachel/TK. Nate/Jen take the early lead. Chris speaks good Japanese. She spent a year studying in Japan. Nate/Jen can’t find the clue. They finally find it first. They have to travel to Noda Station via taxi. They have to find the clue man to hand them the next clue. When they pull away, Ron/Chris pull up. Don tells Nick that Chris went to Princeton. He thinks she speaks Japanese. The Grandpa team is slowing down.

The teams face a Roadblock. In this roadblock, they will find out what it takes to face the congested highways. They have to be taxi drivers and drive a couple 5 miles to their location in hat and gloves. Jen and Chris do the roadblock. Chris knows where the destination is. She can read Japanese. But she has trouble driving the car. Jen has to get help from some people around. The locals can’t lead them or jump in the car.

Chris thinks that Japanese doesn’t help that much. Nick is doing well. He’s being a great driver to the couple and he’s been driving in Ireland, so he’s had practice driving on the left side of the road.

Jen arrives first. Chris follows and Nick is there after them. They have to head back to Noda Station. Jen makes it back first. They must now travel to Kita-Mido Temple. Nate is very supportive.

Ron/Chris are second. Nick is lost. Rachel/TK are in last place. Nate goes from being supportive to being an ass. Ron/Chris’ driver is having an asthma attack. Nate/Jen are first at the temple. The teams face a Detour. In sense of touch, they have to play a robotic soccer game by controlling the robots via cellphones. In sense of smell they make their way to an artificial flower shop. There is a real flower hidden in the store. They have to find it. Only the real flowers have a scent. Nate/Jen do the flowers. Ron/Chris do the same thing. Nick finally makes it back. He is 10 minutes behind the others. Jen makes Nate run. Ron/Chris head to the second floor to smell for the flowers. The Grandpa team heads over to play soccer with the robots. They don’t get any instructions and it’s a hard game. Jen has trouble with the flowers. Nick is able to score a goal for his team. Nate/Jen make it out first and head over to Tempozan Park for the pit stop. However they have trouble finding the park. Ron/Chris get out in a cab first. Nate/Jen continue bickering. Ron/Chris finish first. They won an electric vehicle each. Chris said that she had a lot of fun because they didn’t bicker too much. Nate/Jen finish second. The Grandpa team finishes 3rd. Rachel/TK finish last. It’s a non-elimination leg of the race. They are three hours behind the other racers. They will face a Speedbump.

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