The Amazing Race S12E10 (CBS)

The teams are starting out in Osaka, Japan. Rachel/TK arrived 3 hours after everybody. They didn’t get eliminated but they will face a Speedbump in this episode.

The teams are going to the Umeda Sky building and find the Floating Garden. The garden only opens at 10AM. It’s another equalizer. The three top teams run through the building together. Teams must now fly to Taipei, Taiwan. They need to go to Taipei Main Station and get their clue.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Chris/Ron are the first ones at the airport. Rachel/TK finally make it to the floating garden.They miss the cluebox. Chris tries to get the gate agent to tell Nate/Jen that the flight is full. She does this in Japanese. It was a great move. Nate/Jen start arguing. It’s Jen’s birthday. TK finally finds the cluebox.

Nick/Don get onto the 1:15PM China Airlines flight. Nate/Jen are freaking out in immigration. Nick isn’t happy to see Rachel/TK. They are all caught in the immigration line. The teams must now take the High Speed Rail to Taichung. They must make their way to a small village.

Ron/Chris are in front of the pack. The Grandpa team manages to make it onto the second train. It’s time for a Roadblock. The teams must take a tricky ride. Then they must drive an amphibian car under some water. The tricky ride involves being a passenger in a car driven by a stunt driver. Ron manages to do the task easily. The teams must now drive back to the HSR station to get to Taipei. They must order some tea in a tea shop and drink it to find their next clue.

Rachel/TK arrive 2nd at the stunt track to do their Roadblock. Rachel has some fun. Rachel faces the Speedbump. They must make their way a mile away. They must run through fireworks wearing protective suits.

Rachel/TK are back in the back of the pack. Jen has an argument with the gate agent when she can’t get the right ticket for the right time 4 minute before the departure of the train. Rachel/TK catch up with the Grandpa team.

Jen can’t handle how relaxed Rachel/TK are. The Grandpa team and Rachel/TK confer and talk about Nate/Jen.

The clue tells them to go to Guong Guan Night Market. The teams face a Detour. It’s either fire or earth. In fire, the teams have to send 20 lanterns into the night sky. In earth, the teams have to walk a jagged rock path. Chris has trouble going over the jagged rock path, but she manages to get through it.

The teams must now go to CKS Memorial Hall. It’s actually The Taiwan Democracy Monument. It’s the pit stop for this leg of the race. Ron/Chris are 1st. They have won a 5 night trip to the Antilles.

Nate/Jen have an argument because they can’t find the night market. They are lost. Rachel/TK finish the jagged rock path first. Rachel/TK finish 2nd. The Grandpa team finishes 3rd. Nate/Jen are eliminated.

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