Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E03 (E4)

Matt Lucas arrives dressed as a woman. He looks funny. He is impersonating someone called Gladys. He plays a song and some of the girls dance to it on their beds. Jay goes to the diary room. He thinks that Jade will start to piss him off.

Latoya, Jade, John, Calista, Victor and Liam are at the dinning table with John and Amy. Jade says that she is very happy. She’s always happy. Big Matt asks the three HM that have bonded the most to come to the diary room. Anthony, Jeremy and Nathan come to the diary room. The girls sent him in. Matt tells him that he wants a cherry cake. In exchange he will give them something special. Matt wants to know who the brains is. The boys tell him Jeremy. They have to remain with their arms linked. Jeremy can not use his hands. Nathan can use his left hand. Anthony can use his right hand. They have to link arms.

The boys are making their cake. Latoya is giving a dance lesson. John jumps in to help out because Latoya showed him a few dance moves yesterday.

Most of the HM are at the sofas talking. Emilia starts stretching. The boys switch sofas to see the show. Jade goes over to show off her stretching ability. She keeps talking about herself. Later Emilia coaches Latoya in contortionism. John and Liam are talking about the public and private sectors.

Nathan, Jeremy and Anthony come into the diary room to show off their cake.

Anthony is working out in the garden. Emilia is watching him from the hot tub. Big Matt calls everyone in to see him sample the cake. He tells them that the cake is very nice. They pass the task. Their reward is a nice lunch in the storeroom.

That night, Big Matt puts together a talent show. They have to demonstrate their talent. Latoya does a good dance routine. Calista sings a funny dirty-ish song. Emilia looks entranced. John speaks about the place of the youth of today in British society. Amy’s conceptual art cleaning is met with dumb folded silence. Jade does a strange sexy dance. Jay is a bit boring, but not as boring as Liam. Vermilia do an incredible contortion number. Nathan sings a song. Anthony knows the song. Latoya looks fascinated. Big Matt asks the HM to arrange themselves in order of most talented to worst talented. The HM decide that John is the least talented and Calista is the most talented.

John doesn’t look too happy about being called the least talented. He is by himself in the garden. Jade is complaining that the bedroom is too hot. Emilia is happy. The HM move into the bedroom when Jade wants to go to bed. She starts to cry in the diary room when she talks about it. She says that she doesn’t want to be annoying. She is a little childish bitch. She asks the other people to help her out. She cries again.

Amy says that being happy is quite taxing. Jeremy, Emilia, Nathan and Victor are in the hot tub. Jeremy has to explain Jade’s behaviour.

* * * * *

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