Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E04 (E4)

Ian Wright is the next celebrity hijacker. Most of the HM are in the bedroom. They have been awake for 3 hours. Jay and Latoya are in the bathroom. Emilia admits to Anthony that he is her favorite. He says so as well. She then says the same thing to Jeremy who is listening in on their conversation. Big Ian asks the HM to gather on the sofas. Jade keeps saying “assmates” instead of HM mocking Big Ian’s accent. I can’t tell if it’s annoying Jade or Amy. Actually I watched the footage again and it’s idiotic Jade. She’ll be the first to go in my opinion, what a twat. Today’s task involves sensory deprivation.

One of the pair of the HM has to listen to a sound while the other is wearing sensory deprivation headphones. The HM has to act out what he hears. We see Emilia and Jay going at it. Followed by Amy and Anthony. Then it’s Jade and Nathan. Big Ian is funny. The HM pass the task and will get a luxury shopping budget.

Later, Latoya and Jeremy are in the garden. Liam and Amy are in the bedroom. Emilia is still stretching. Big Ian calls Amy into the diary room. He wants to know more about her art. He then talks about Jade. Amy says that on top of being a beauty queen, she is a MENSA genius, she can do the contortions, dance and sing great as well.

Later Big Ian talks about senses. He did some work with a charity for blind and deaf people. He says that people are so fortunate to have those senses. For the second part of the sensory deprivation task, the HM have to wear blinding goggles and shoot a football into a goal. Latoya’s team wins the task.

Emilia and Liam are talking about the house and the group. Emilia says that she is lucky to be in more than one group in the house. Emilia talks about her schooling. Emilia says that she got bullied when she was younger. Liam says that he was bullied as well. Jade walks in.

The loosing team can’t take part in the party. They have to wear goggles and earphones. Latoya dances to the music. Big Ian enjoys her number. She’s looking good. Nathan goes to the diary room to than Big Ian for coming to the house and being an inspiration for him.

Jay tells Calista that she is gorgeous. He tells her that he would date her. Amy and Victor are in the gym. Jay had heard rumours about Nathan. Jay tells him that he doesn’t believe them anymore.

Later Jay goes to the diary room. Calista asks him to ask BB about her lip. Jay has forgotten her name. BB isn’t helping out. He gets close to her name.

I was a bit of a ming troll when I was younger.

Amy tells a story about her youth. She was voted the ugliest girl in a camp. She thinks about this as it has affected her a lot. Latoya and Amy are in the kitchen. They want to give Jeremy the 3rd degree about Emilia. Amy says that she thinks that Emilia likes Jeremy.

* * * * *

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