Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E08 (E4)

Jade is telling the other HM that she could probably last three months in the BBUK house. Liam is in the diary room talking about this week’s nominations. He thinks that Jeremy gets on people’s nerves. Emilia and Victor start practicing their routine. This gives the other HM the opportunity to talk about them behind their backs.

Most of the HM are listening to the boys practice their pickup lines. They are using them on Amy. They are pretty bad. Latoya and Anthony are in the bathroom. Today’s celebrity hijacker is John McCrearick. He introduces himself with the song Return of the Mack. Immediately, Jade starts prancing around showing off her body to the other boys and the camera. Jay is in bed and bobs to the music. It looks like he is wanking off. He calls Jay to the diary room after introducing himself. Jay is annoyed. John starts blabbing off about ties. He tells Jay that sideburns are in and ties are out. Jay is incredulous.

John asks Jade about her beauty queen experience. Some of the HM in the bathroom laugh at Jade behind her back. He calls her to the diary room. For today’s task, the HM will be learning tic tac, the hand signals that bookies use to communicate. John has a plan. He’s going to tell everyone that they are the favourite to win. John shows Jade what Victor said about her. Victor talks about the crying that she did a few days ago. Victor says that she is totally fake. Jade starts to cry. He tells her that she can’t tell anyone that she has seen the footage.

Jade is alone in the bedroom and she is drawing stars using her lipstick. Victor is called into the diary room. He is shown the same footage as Jade. John says that the public loves him and he is a favourite to win as well. John tells him that Victor has to bridge the gap between him and Jade. He’s got about four hours. The task will be a success if at the end of the task, she will say that Victor isn’t that bad. The other HM are eating a soup. Jade is passing out some anti-oxidization pills.

Later, Victor and Jade are playing on the monkey bars together. Emilia is talking to Jeremy in the bedroom. John is in the hijack booth picking his nose and eating the buggers. What a troll!

Jeremy is in the gym. John calls Victor into the diary room once more because of mic problems. He tries to coach Victor about Jade. He goes out and tries to make nice with Jade.

Amy is learning the signals. Liam and Amy are talking about John. They surmise that John is telling everyone the same thing about the outside world. When Victor leaves the room, Jade confides to Nathan that he is trying a bit too hard to be nice. She likes it.

The girls are talking about the boys. Jay is in there as well. Latoya says that she thinks that Nathan thinks of her as a sister.

Later the HM are tested on the signals. They pass the task.
Jade is called back to the diary room. It’s filled with lovey dovey things; bears, hearts, champagne and strawberries. Jade finds Victor slightly creepy. He asks Victor to come in. Jade says that she will let bygones be bygones. John tells everyone that no one is the favourite right now.

Victor tells Emilia what John said about their mother. She is pissed off and goes into the diary room. Jeremy tells the other HM about this. The doors of the diary room don’t open and Emilia goes into a corner and starts to cry. Jade tries to comfort her. 12 minutes later, she has calmed down.

Jay is talking about this in the diary room. Some of the HM are at the hot tub. Emilia is worried about how BB will portray her on telly. Emilia thinks that Nathan is a star. John says that Emilia could be a Bond girl or a villain.

* * * * *

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