Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E09 (E4)

Dermot O’Leary is hosting the live eviction show. Jade, Jeremy and Victor are facing the public vote. Who will go?

On Day 8

All of the HM are asleep at 9:30AM. Some music is playing and naturally, Jade starts gyrating her bum. The HM have to get the food and remove their bed linen to get washed. Liam takes the opportunity to wank off in the linens. The camera captures it well. Some of the HM are talking about 911. Amy is in the diary room talking about the nominated HM. One of the people she nominated is up for eviction. She feels bad. She feels emotional. She nominated Victor and he is up for eviction. She said that she would prefer Victor to leave than the other HM up for eviction.

Jade is in the garden playing with her bear and dancing. Anthony and Amy are in the gym. Some of the HM are sleeping in the bedroom. Victor, Liam, Jeremy, Calista and Nathan are on the sofas.

The HM are talking about sexuality. Liam says that he gets with boys and girls. Victor says that he won’t get married until he is 38, he isn’t a man yet.

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Janet Street-Porter. Big Janet is talking about Liam’s hair. Janet calls all HM to the sofas. Jay says that Janet is known as for being a total bitch. She wants to see how the HM will cope with actually making TV.

Earlier today, John and Anthony hid Jade’s teddy bear in the garden toilet. She is looking for it.

As part of today’s Youth TV task, Big Janet has taken some of the HM into a mock TV studio. They will have a debate. Nathan, Amy and Liam will argue against the topic. Victor, Callie and Latoya will argue for the topic. The topic is that men are the stronger sex. Victor is happy about it. Callie says that when men are naked, they just look so much harder.

Nathan says that men don’t have it as hard as women. Amy singles Victor out as an idiot. Victor hasn’t said anything interesting. Amy makes a great point. She says that the best way to make her point is to watch Victor.

Victor says that men are stronger because that is the way that they are born. Janet believes that Victor really believe this. Janet says that women are the stronger sex. Amy says that Victor demonstrates the mental weakness of men.

Jeremy, Callie and Emilia are cleaning up. The rest of the HM are in the bedroom. She calls Jay and John to the diary room. She’s set up a camera of what is going on in the house. The two guys have to comment about what is going on. They comment about Jeremy and Emilia. Janet thinks that John is very smart. Emilia and Victor are flirting heavily.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Amy will finish university in June. She doesn’t know what she will do afterwards. John is cooking. Actually he is helping Anthony. Janet asks a few questions about the food. Anthony offers her some. Big Janet tells the camera that the meal sounds horrific.

Big Janet calls Jeremy and Jade into the diary room. She wants them to take part in a chat show. They will have to interview Big Janet. Callie asks if she can be featured on Nathan’s album. Nathan says yes. He’s going to be branching out into other genres. Emilia talks about her feelings about losing her brother to the eviction. Janet isn’t making things easy for Jeremy and Jade. They paddle a bit but then ask some interesting questions. When they mess up, Janet hands them their ass. Big Janet swears a lot.

Big Janet has gathered the HM at the dining table. She tells them that Jade and Jeremy failed their part of the task. Jay and John passed their task. The HM pass the debating task. Big Janet calls Jade, Jeremy and Victor to come to the diary room. Big Janet wants to talk about the nominations. Victo thinks that he will be voted out first. Big Janet leaves for the day.

Amy, Jade and Anthony are near the sofas. Jade is talking about when she will get married. Nathan and John are in the bedroom talking about the UK R&B scene. John asks if his album is already out. Nathan says that you can get his album in stores already.

Amy, Victor and Liam are in the bathroom. Liam explains his view of the world which includes a lot of boxes. The other HM are playing charades in the living room. Jay is in the diary room. Jay doesn’t like Victor. Victor keeps talking about his girlfriends who cook and clean for him.

John, Latoya and Anthony are in the garden. They are talking about Jade. They play word association. Liam joins them later on.

Jade is evicted. She is surprised to say the least. The others have to coach them to stop crying. She gets booed a lot. People hate her. She does a strange pole dance and walks down in a fake leopard skin dress. She asks why she is being booed.
In the interview, she is shown who nominated her. Jay, Jeremy, Emilia, Nathan and Victor nominated her. Emilia was pissed that Jade was trying to outdo her with her stretching. Jade has the tendency to devolve in her language. The more she talks the more her words are blurred.

Dermot shows her a bit of a VT where Jade is shown her happiness. Jade gets the chance to give the HM a nice present or a horrible one. She chooses a nice one. A ninja brings the present in. It’s the rose petals.

* * * * *

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