Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E10 (E4)

The HM are getting ready for the eviction night. Jeremy and Victor are packing. Amy and Anthony are talking about the upcoming eviction.

Amy has been cleaning in the kitchen as part of her conceptual art project in a gas mask. Calista thinks that BB has been manipulating the weather patterns and the rain. Jeremy, Victor and Emilia are in the hot tub.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Jade is in the diary room whining. At the hot tub, Amy joins in. Victor tries to bridge their differences. She says that there isn’t anything wrong. Victor says that he likes Jade, but sometimes she annoys him. Amy says that it’s totally normal. Jade runs around on the sofas.

Later Jade brags about her posh kindergarten. Jay says that he failed his art GSC. He told everyone that he got a B. Today’s celebrity hijacker is Peaches Geldoff and Fifi Brown. It’s funny because Jay said that he didn’t like Peaches. Victor does these mock come on lines on Amy. Peaches and Fifi are also known as the Trash Pussies. They plan on splitting the house into two musical teams. The bands have to come up with a band name and compose a 3 minute song. They call Jay to the diary room. He admits to slagging Peaches off. Peaches tells him to leave the diary room immediately and leave the instruction envelope. All of the HM are locked in the bedroom while BB sets up some musical instruments. They have seen some romance. The house wants to know more. They will only say something if Nathan sings something. They tell Victor to do a routine. He does a one armed handstand.

Nathan has to put up an emo band with Emilia, Liam, Amy, John and Jeremy to join them. Calista has to front a nu rave band with Jay, Victor, Latoya, Jade and Anthony. They’ve got costumes and instruments. They’ve got one hour to prepare a song. Liam really comes out of his shell and does a great job. The Trash Pussies love them. They say that Death of Zack won. Calista’s band sucks ass. Peaches says that it looks like a rave. As a reward, they get some mp3 players with their favourite music.

Peaches and Fifi say that they will sneak into the house as animals. They call Jade and Calista to the diary room. They leave the two girls in the diary room while they go around dancing in animal costumes. It doesn’t take long for the HM to realize that Jade and Calista are missing. Liam is singing in the garden. He hasn’t seen anything.

Calista is using the keyboard to sing a little song. They call Victor, Jeremy and Jade to the diary room. Fifi flirts with Victor, Peaches flirts with Jeremy. The Trash Pussies laugh it off after they leave.

Jade gets evicted. Purple Ninja delivers the rose petals.

Victor, Emilia, Jeremy and Liam are at the dining table. John, Nathan and Latoya are in the bedroom. Anthony comes to the diary room for a chat with BB. He’s upset that Jade left.

Nathan and Latoya are talking in the bedroom. She says that they can exchange numbers at the wrap party. Calista and Jay are in the living area. Jay is getting an extreme close-up from one of the cameras. Jay parodies Calista’s singing. He’s pretty funny.

Nathan is talking about his feelings. It’s obvious he has some for Latoya. He says that he didn’t come into the house to have feelings for anyone. Looks like he has the hots for Latoya. Calista is in the diary room talking about Nathan and Latoya. She says that they are so going to get together. She says that they will make a lovely couple. He gives her some compliments. He hugs and kisses Latoya on her head.

* * * * *

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