Spooks S06E05 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Spooks will be back for another season, but a lot of actors are going to change. It is the last season for Rupert Perry-Jones, who plays Adam Carter. I’ve also read that a new spin-off show called Rogue Spooks will air next year. Sounds good.

As with other British television shows, it’s common for a lot of the main actors to rotate out after a while. Spooks is no exception. It doesn’t really matter if Adam is gone. This actually gives the writers a good way to do some interesting story arcs.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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In the last episode, the Special Consul of Iran told his wife that he had CCTV footage of Adam Carter purchasing the gift she gave him.

Anna is in an MI5 safe house.

Jo wakes up in her lover’s arms. From the looks he is giving her, it looks like she is being targeted by a honeytrap op.

Ros and Adam are waiting for Valentino. Adam plants a tracker. Adam took out his frustrations on a mugger on that morning. It escalated. The mugger was injured in the scuffle.

Valentino is a Russian mule. He is bringing in the nuclear triggers.

Jo tells Adam that they lost Valentino. Valentino was under surveillance from other powers as well. Ros calls the Yalto Group. She wants another meet.

Adam heads to the warehouse where the car was registered. The man following Valentino is KGB (FSB).

Ben Kaplan receives footage of Adam beating the mugger to death. Kaplan is Jo’s new lover.

The Russians drop off Adam with a warning.

The Yalto Group wants bugs on the grid. The man from Yalto gives her Valentino’s location.

MI5 has a meeting. They strategize. Connie thinks that the Russians are toying with Valentino. They need something from him.

Jo learns from her lover that he is planning on a big scoop involving some conspiracy. He wants her info. He has photos of Adam beating a man in North London. Jo tells Adam, but he denies everything.

Adam goes back to the safehouse and finds Ros waiting for him. Anna is in the shower. She confronts him about the beating and tells him what will be published in the papers if he doesn’t handle this situation.

Valentino doesn’t want to talk, so they threaten to call the Russians. He memorized the code to the door from Harry and escapes. This was planned.

Malcolm found a swipe card. This is a key to his bag. They found the blueprints in the bag and replaced it.

Ros meets with Kaplan. Adam is there as well. She gets into his place to find his story. She finds intel on the bombing in Teheran. The mugger was investigating the Teheran bomb. He wasn’t a mugger, he was a journalist.

He goes to see Anna in the safehouse and finds Harry waiting for him. Tim Lahare is dead. He was a journalist.

Adam has to lie low for a few days. If the story gets out, the government will most likely fall.

Jo gives Kaplan a little speech about what he has done. It doesn’t look like he cares. The Home Secretary has sent someone in. He wants people from the Home Office on the grid. Harry is appalled, but there is nothing he can do nothing about this.

Adam sees Anna. He tells her of his precarious situation. The story has already broken in the papers. She gives him some info about the nuclear trigger exchange. He gives this to Ros. Ros tells him that Lahare disappeared for three hours near Waterloo Bridge.

Valentino is getting ready to do his drop off. He sees the Russian spies near. Jo is waiting to hear the translation from Connie. She is told that he hears his family getting arrested over the phone.

Adam finds a bunch of hoboes. They have been bought off by someone. He brings the hobo to see Lahare’s body. Adam discovers that Lahare is a construct. He tries to phone Harry, who hangs up. Adam bolts away, but the cops are already on their way. The journalist Kaplan saves him from getting arrested.

Adam was setup by Bob from the CIA. Bob reveals that he orchestrated the setup. The blueprints had a tiny fault in them which would set back the Iranian nuclear program a decade. They have to let the deal go through. In exchange, the Americans would let the real story of Lahare leak to the press.

Valentino is dead. They need another Russian. Adam gets the hobo who identified the Lahare construct. He makes the drop.

Ros is jealous of Anna. Adam is getting together with her again. The man from the Yalto Group calls Ros with some more information.

Ros walks into the hotel and finds that Anna’s minder is waiting in the lobby. Anna has poisoned Adam. She is going to kill him by drowning him.

Ros catches Anna. She makes her tell her where Adam is. Ros is able to revive him. Anna tells Ros that her husband learned that the blueprints were fake. He obtained new ones that same day. They have become a nuclear power.

The episode ends with a double tap from a silenced automatic.

* * * * *

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