The Amazing Race The Final Push S12E11 (CBS)

It’s the last episode of this season’s Amazing Race. With the WGA strike still going on, CBS has already ordered another season of this reality TV show. Big Brother is returning on February 12th and Survivor is returning on February 7th. Reality TV is cheap to produce and script writers aren’t needed.

This season of the race was good. It ended all too quickly. Still, another season is coming up. Where will the future racers travel next?

Teams must make their way to their last city, Anchorage, Alaska. This is the final leg of the race. Ron quickly asks access to the China Airlines lounge. TK/Rachel buy the tickets right after Chris/Ron. All the teams are on the same flight. Ron/Chris just make it into the lounge before the other teams see them. They research the outdoors shop that they have to go to.
Ron/Chris make it to the shop first. Teams must now make their way to Ship Creek Boat Launch. They get their gear. Nick/Don don’t take their gear. They will have to travel back to get it.

In this Detour, they have to choose between two tasks common to Alaska fisherman. In Cut the Cod, they must search for a miniature clue hidden in a cod. In Grad the Crab, teams jump into the hold of a crabbing vessel. They must find one crab marked with race colors.

Ron/Chris decide to do the cods. TK/Rachel are at the wrong place. Chris finds the clue fast. Teams must now travel 60 miles to a boat landing. They must travel to the 20 mile river glacier. What teams don’t know is that their next clue is hidden on top of the glacier.

Nick/Don realize that they are missing their gear and have to go back to get it. Tk/Rachel decide to do the crabs. They have trouble doing the task. The crabs keep biting them. They decide to switch tasks. As they start to leave, TK finds the marked crab.

Ron/Chris are first at the boat launch. Rachel/TK’s taxi driver doesn’t know where the 20 mile river is. He has to phone for directions. They still arrive 2nd. Nick/Don arrive 3rd right behind them. Ron isn’t too excited about doing some ice climbing. Chris has trouble getting onto the ledge. Ron is making good progress. He completes it quickly. Chris is still struggling to get up to the ledge of the glacier. She finally makes it up. The other teams catch up with Ron/Chris. TK climbs the ledge up very quickly. Teams must now take a helicopter ride and land on Merrill Field. When they land, they will travel by taxi to Goose Lake Park. Just like Chris, Rachel has trouble climbing the ledge of the glacier. She makes it though.
In this Roadblock, the racers will have to complete a matching game. It’s very complicated and involves memory. There are a lot of instructions. There is only one group of 10 items that fulfills all of the requirements. Chris decides to do the roadblock. Rachel does the roadblock. Nick does the roadblock.

Chris only has one wrong. Rachel has three wrong. Nick has too many to be wrong to count. From that point on, thinks just go wrong for all teams. By itself, the roadblock is a riddle laced in with a memory task. Rachel stays calm. Chris is freaking out. Rachel is the first one out by reasoning her way through it and taking her time. The teams must now travel by taxi and find Captain Cook’s statue. They have to figure out a riddle. TK/Rachel’s taxi driver takes them to a wrong location. They make it first to the statue. Teams must now travel by foot through downtown Anchorage and find the Salmon Hooker.
The teams have to take a taxi to an airport and have to run to the finish line.

Rachel/TK make it first to the finish line. They win the Amazing Race. Ron/Chris finish second. Nick/Don finish third.

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