Moonlight Love Lasts Forever S01E11 (CBS)

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show on TV. Angel was just a continuation of Buffy. Blade was an action show. Moonlight is somewhere in between. It’s gritty and romantic, which isn’t appalling. Unlike Angel and Forever Knight, Mick St-John isn’t that old of a vampire, so the flashbacks all take place in the 1950s to 1970s.

Alex O’Loughlin plays Mick St-John, a vampire private detective. He is a vampire who fully remembers what it meant to be human and longs to be human. Before the break, the big intrigue was that his vampiric ex-wife came back human. Since Mick longs to be human, he needs to find out if there is a cure for vampirism. Coraline disappeared before Mick could investigate it fully. He managed to get some of her blood though.

It was announced on December 4th that Moonlight would return for a second season next year. That is good news. The last two episodes of Moonlight have finally aired. I enjoyed both of them.

I really enjoyed this season and I am glad that Moonlight will be back next season with either a half season of a complete one.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Josh is putting the squeeze on some mobster from El Salvador. Jason learns that Beth might be in danger. He is a member of the HEM. Jason is threatened by some hitmen. They warn him off, otherwise they will kill Beth. Beth and Mick are talking about living forever. Mick has taken some blood from Coraline. He wants answers. He wants to keep it outside the vampire nation. She knows a doctor. Others might see it as a threat. Josh comes in and says that Beth has been marked. He has recused himself from the HEM case. He says that Beth has been marked. The HEM will come after Beth. She says that he shouldn’t do this. They kiss and have sex. The next morning he arranges a protection detail on Beth. Mick walks in and hears Josh talking. Josh says that he would like Mick to keep an eye on Beth.

Tejada is at his daughter’s sweet sixteen party. The cops come in to get him.

The doctor can’t find anything special about the blood. However, it’s AO- and the low free radical content means that she thought that this blood was from a child. It’s almost pure. Beth is AO-.

Tejada is able to post bail.

Beth thinks that AO- is connected to the cure. The best blood to consume is that of a child with the same blood type. On the way out, they are cornered by a HEM sniper. Mick saves Beth once more and makes the snipers flee. Mick overhears Beth saying that she loves Josh once they get back to her apartment. The tact squad is in place. Tejada wants Josh. He sends a team to nab him. They are successful right in front of Beth’s place. She follows them. The kidnappers shoot a cop while they make their escape.

Mick uses Josh’s GPS in his cellphone to pinpoint his location. Like an idiot, Beth keeps phoning the cellphone. The hitmen hear the ringing and know that something is up. The trace tells Mick that the hitmen are near Griffith Park. Mick calls Carl the cop to tell them where they think Josh is. The hitmen see someone from the Sheriff’s department patrolling. The man leaves and they go to check on Josh. Mick takes care of them both with a lot of force. Josh is still alive. One of the men takes out a gun and shoots Josh through the back of the car. Everyone has an iPhone in this show.

Mick was a medic in WWII. Multiple gunshot wounds were common. Carl arrives. Beth asks Mick to save him. Mick says no. The paramedics finally arrive. It’s too late. Josh is dead. Beth tells Mick to stay away from him.

Mick wants to talk with the hitmen alone. Carl lets him. Mick shows the hitman his fangs and eyes. The people behind the glass don’t see Mick. The hitman is freaked out. He spills the location of Tejada. Mick gives the wrong address to Carl. He is going to take care of a little bit of vengeance by himself. Mick feasts on Tejada.

Mick tries to talk to Beth. She asks him if he would have saved her. Mick says that he wouldn’t have saved her either. Vampirism is a curse, not a blessing. Mick tells himself that he doesn’t know what he would have done.

* * * * *

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