Robin Hood Get Carter S02E08 (BBC)

Robin Hood is the new version of the series on BBC. It started successfully last year and is currently in its second season. Jonas Armstrong stars as Lord Robin of Locksley.

The first season was quite entertaining, especially since I was a fan of the series that ran on the BBC in 1980s. I remember that the 1980s series had a mystical element to it. The new series is really good. It’s a welcome change from some of the more dreary TV shows on American television networks.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Sheriff hires Carter to kill Robin Hood and retrieve the great pact of Nottingham.

Marion is now part of the band. They are on their way to save the villagers of Clun. Marion just jumps into the fray. Robin has to intervene. She is totally brazen. The attack is a way for Carter to get close to Robin. Carter makes his appearance.

Carter inflicts a wound upon himself to get into the camp of the outlaws. Mulch thinks that he knows Carter.

The Sheriff is toying with Sir Guy’s feelings for Marion.

Robin tells Marion that she needs to calm down and be part of the team.

Little John comforts Marion about the loss of her father.

Carter is awake and prowling around. He’s taking out the merry men one by one. He does so in order to get to Robin. He is stalking them. Robin is able to take him out.

He decides to take Carter to Clun. He leaves Marion at the camp.

Alan comes to find Marion. He tells her that he could arrange Sir Guy to receive a letter from her saying that she would be praying at a convent. Alan has to steal a signet letter from the mother superior. It’s a job easily done.

Carter escapes his bonds and prepares to fight Robin once more, mano e mano. Carter tells Robin that he killed his brother Thomas. It had something to do with something that happened in the Holy Land. His brother was a fool and died a fool’s death. Robin made sure that everybody remembered him as a hero.

Sir Guy is upset with Marion’s fake letter. Sir Guy plans on going to the convent.

Carter tells Robin that Roger Estoke never arrived in the Holy Land. Robin has a plan. He plans on using Jack’s drugs to simulate death. He plans on entering the Castle and getting Carter’s payment for the people of Clun.

Marion intervenes before Sir Guy cuts off Robin’s head. She has a little talk with Gisborne.

Carter administers the reverse potion to wake Robin up. They take the money and make their escape.

Carter plans on going back to the Holy Land and warning King Richard.

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