Robin Hood Show Me The Money S02E07

Robin Hood is the new version of the series on BBC. It started successfully last year and is currently in its second season. Jonas Armstrong stars as Lord Robin of Locksley.

The first season was quite entertaining, especially since I was a fan of the series that ran on the BBC in 1980s. I remember that the 1980s series had a mystical element to it. The new series is really good. It’s a welcome change from some of the more dreary TV shows on American television networks.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Robin and his men are trying to get the pact from the strongroom. They find it empty.

Some nobleman named John of Yorke walks into a trap in Sherwood Forest. He is trying to buy the Bond of Debt that his love’s father has on her out from Berkeley. The bond is for 2000£. He’s bringing 10 shillings. Her name is Beatrice. Robin agrees to give him the money in order to find the pact.

Alan is helping the Sheriff. He is giving away Robin’s secrets. Marion warns him away.

Berkeley is surprised to get all of the money for Beatrice. There is a problem. The Sheriff has already sold Beatrice to someone else. The merry men pose as porters. They have the bottom of the chest filled with sand. Once the money is on its way, they open up a small hole to let a trail of sand out. The trail will lead them to the strongroom.

Alan tells the Sheriff that the money is Robin’s. He recognizes the chests. The Sheriff plans on putting them in a birdcage. This was Alan’s idea.

Yorke tries to kill the Sheriff, but he is a really bad archer. The Sheriff wants him dead.

Marion confides in her father about her worries.

Robin goes to interrogate Berkeley. They ask him about the bond. He tells them that the Earl of Durham has already paid her bond a long time before Yorke paid 2000£.

Marion is on the way to find a new physician for her father with Sir Guy. She plans on getting away and warning Robin about the new developments. She has come to tell him that Alan is leading Guy to the camp.

The merry men are able to ambush Sir Guy’s party. Alan saves Sir Guy and runs away. Robin uses the caravan as a way into the Castle. He plans on stopping Alan once and for all.

Robin and Alan fight it out. Marion comes in. Marion stops him from killing Alan.

Marion finds her father. She tries to talk to him, but she doesn’t realize that he’s gone missing and a jailer’s body has taken her father’s place in the dungeon.

Sir Edward has gone looking for the pact. Robin finds him in the Sheriff’s bedchamber. Sir Edward takes the pact and they quickly hide when the Sheriff awakes.

Robin shoots a few sacks of gold open in the birdcage and they use it as a distraction to get away. Berkeley sees them escape. Robin has to shoot Berkeley. Sir Edward is stabbed in the chest. He dies not long after.

Sir Guy makes his play for Marion. He tells her if the Sheriff finds that her dagger killed her father’s jailer, she’d be hanged.

Robin is waiting for her in her chambers. He gives her the message from her father. They both leave for Sherwood Forest.

Robin as the rightful Earl of Locksley marries Yorke and Beatrice.

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