Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E11 (E4)

The next celebrity hijacker is Andy McNabb, an SAS soldier. Earlier this week, all of the HM were given the choice to volunteer for an interrogation task. They were warned that it would be stressful. They all volunteered. They were given a four digit code to keep secret.

Andy McNabb is wearing a balaclava to hide his identity. Andy tells the viewers that two soldiers will storm the bedroom to get two HM. The soldiers burst in and start shouting. Andy chooses Anthony and Amy. They get some black clothes that they have to put on. They are blindfolded and led out of the bedroom. Andy is happy with his handiwork and has a little laugh. HM Amy and Anthony are removed from the BBUK house. Andy tells the viewers that they will be driven around for half an hour and then led to their cell. Yesterday BB revealed the punishment and reward for the interrogation task. The HM have to immediately nominate someone for next week’s eviction. The winner will win 5000 pounds. The rest of the HM are in the bedroom sleeping. Amy and Anthony can stop the interrogation by using a code word. Unbeknown to

Amy and Anthony, they are being returned to the BBUK house in different secret rooms. Andy and his team has a maximum of 5 hours to extract the four digit code. White noise is played into their headphones to disorientate further. Andy explains that the room is cold and smells of bleach, which is totally different from their bedroom. Amy jumps in surprise when someone talks to her. After talking a while, the rest of the HM go back to sleep. Andy McNabb and his team has been at his work for about an hour. They are playing some noises into the rooms to mask the noises from the BBUK house. As a strategic move, the interrogators have misled the HM. They have told them that the HM need the code in order to win their task. Andy says that Anthony has tuned into his environment. That is why he is replying and mouthing off at his interrogator. The interrogator is trying to find faults in Anthony psychological armour. Bit by bit, the interrogator is trying to find entry points to influence the targets. The other HM are on the sofas trying to nap. Andy makes Jay stand up. He calls him to the dairy room. Andy is talking to Jay in order to gather intel on Amy and Anthony to break them. Jay thinks that Amy is selfish. Jay thinks that Anthony is a team player. Jay admits that he wouldn’t have lasted long. The HM have been interrogated for almost 3 hours. Amy has her blindfold off. The interrogator is trying to rationalize giving him the numbers. He is talking a lot about eviction. He tells her that she is being selfish and doesn’t care about anybody. He makes her put her blindfold back on.

BB has provided Calista with a piano. Andy is now working on Anthony. Anthony is still finding it funny. They are trying to get two of the numbers. They are confusing him by telling him fibs about Amy. He says that he will give them two numbers. They say that Amy gave them two numbers. Anthony gave them the right numbers.

Emilia and Victor are practicing in the garden. Andy reveals that he was captured and tortured in Iraq. He has been interrogated as well. Amy has not revealed any numbers yet. Andy says that Amy has a lot more control. John and Calista are in the bedroom. She is singing a little song for him about money. There are 10 minutes left. Andy says that it’s time to get hard on Amy and Anthony. An interrogator gets into Amy’s face. Andy says that Amy is doing very well. She isn’t nervous. Andy says that they are done with Amy. She has resisted interrogation. Anthony has only revealed two numbers. The interrogators come back to get the numbers from Anthony. Anthony doesn’t know what to do. Anthony reveals the other two numbers. He’s lost the task. He doesn’t even know it yet. Andy confirms the numbers.

Amy and Anthony are in the diary room with a safe. The HM are told that Amy won. Her pin code opens the safe. It’s filled with money. She’s also immune from the public vote. She can select another HM to be immune as well. She chooses Anthony. Anthony has to nominate someone. Anthony nominates Victor. Victor doesn’t look happy. They get to leave the diary room. Anthony has a bit of a cry because he had to nominate Victor. Latoya and John run after him to console him.

Later, Calista and Anthony are in the bathroom. Andy says goodbye and tells the HM that tomorrow’s breakfast will be basic rations.

Latoya and John are talking about Nathan. Anthony is in the diary room. The HM are talking about the recent nomination. Calista thinks that Victor is taking it well. Victor comes to the diary room. Victor is bored. Victor thinks that it was good to see someone nominate him. He doesn’t feel angry at Anthony. Victor likes being a HM. It’s like being part of a family.

Victor is bullying his sister. He calls her a whore. He tells her to shut up. He’s obviously pissed off at being nominated. Emilia is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. He wants to bully her some more. He tells her that she shouldn’t be overly familiar with everybody. She should stop touching them so much. He is concerned that she will look like a slut. He does this in Italian.

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