Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E05 (E4)

BB has provided the HM with a stage for today’s task. Jade is busy dancing to the morning music on her bed. Amy notices the stage. There are photos of Alan Cumming.

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Alan Cumming.

Liam asks what Jay’s favourite colors are. He says tellurite gray and neutral colors because they are a canvas. Alan Cumming asks the HM to gather at the sofas. He wants the HM to do method acting. They will have to remain in character until the task is over. They will have to improvise a 10-15 minute play. Jeremy is the first called to the diary room. Jeremy has to play a boy from Alabama. He’s Norman Plank.

Emilia has been given the role of Nancy Norma. Jay and Nathan are dressed up as super heroes. Jay is FabMan. Nathan is Dobin, his sidekick. Amy plays Vivian, a hard-nosed business executive from NYC. Victor says that Amy is giving her a boner. Liam is an Australian spaced-out surfer dude.

Emilia is hitting a lot on Jeremy. She’s showing off her legs. Big Alan calls Calista and Latoya to the diary room. Calista is a mad German professor. Latoya is her latest robotic creation named Ralph. Jade is a cavewoman who can’t yet speak. Victor is Dr. Loon, archenemy of FabMan and Dobin. Anthony is Blanche, a Southern belle from USA. John is Hugo Soirée, a French detective. The play must incorporate, a chase, a love affair, a secret exposed, an argument, a murder and a mistaken identity. The performance must have a name. They have 45 minutes. The play wasn’t impressive.

You’re a whore all the time, so it doesn’t matter.
Jeremy to Emilia.

Alan didn’t like the play. He says that the HM didn’t have any discipline and didn’t stay in character. They giggled. They didn’t work well as a group. They didn’t win the luxury food.

Amy and Jade are baking a cake. Victor and Emilia are starting their routine. All of the HM watch. It’s incredible. Later Victor and Emilia are talking about the places that they have performed. Emilia is name-dropping, and Victor tells her to shut up in Italian.

Most of the HM are in the living area. Jay tells Victor that he shouldn’t be so harsh on his sister. Jay says that his brother is like that with him, and he doesn’t like it. Liam is in the bathroom. He is mewing like a cat.

The HM get some champagne. The HM are in the living area. Emilia is in the diary room talking about her skating routine. She says that she’s closest to Jeremy. She likes how nice he is to her and her brother.

Liam is talking about how horny he is. He says that he’s had 40 guys and 20 girls as sexual partners.

Emilia says that most of the men that she has been with treat her badly, because of what she wears on her job. She wears revealing clothes. The men don’t like this.

* * * * *

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