Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E06 (E4)

Amy calls Jeremy a chauvinistic porking pig. Emilia thinks that Jeremy has become more chauvinistic because he’s been hanging around Victor. Victor says that Emilia needs to make him breakfast. Anthony thinks that he’s a bastard. Amy thinks that he’s a chauvinistic bastard. Victor and Amy have exchange some words.

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Kelly Osbourne. Some of the HM are talking about Victor’s chauvinism. Jeremy tells Emilia that he talks about her in the diary room. Amy tells Jeremy that he fancies Emilia. Jeremy says that he fancies Amy.

Big Kelly takes over and tells the HM that the noms will happen in a few minutes. She calls John into the diary room. He says that Kelly’s mom is hot. Kelly says that he wants to f*ck her mom. Kelly liked hearing about her mom.

Amy is called to the diary room to nominate. She nominates Victor for being a chauvinistic bastard. She nominates Emilia for being supple. Calista nominates Jeremy and Victor. Anthony nominated Liam and Victor. Victor is complimenting Emilia a lot. She likes it. Emilia nominates Jade for being a beauty queen. She nominates Liam for not fitting in. Jeremy calls Emilia Victor’s little bitch. Kelly tells Victor that it’s his job to make tea, not Emilia’s. Jade nominates Victor for being mean to his sister and other girls. She nominates Jeremy for being influenced by Victor by his chauvinism. Jay has nominated Jay and Victor. Jeremy nominated Jade for being too happy. He nominates Calista for being too enthusiastic. Jeremy admits to being a miser. John nominates Victor and Jeremy. Latoya nominated Jeremy and Emilia. Liam nominated Victor for being cocky and rude. He nominates Jeremy for being fake. Nathan nominates Victor for being an ass and Jade for being too happy. Victor nominates Jade for not connecting with him. He nominates Calista for not being herself. Kelly tries to make him feel better and psychoanalyzing him.

Victor has received 8 noms. Jade and Jeremy got 5. They will all three face the public vote.

Jade says that her first kiss was in college.

Kelly has provided a death metal themed party. If they impress Kelly with their death metal look, they will get luxury meals. They get luxury food.

Emilia has been sleeping for a few minutes. Liam is in the bath. John says that the mood of the house has changed. Victor, Amy, Jeremy and Nathan are on the sofas. Jeremy says that it’s fun to be miserable. Jade says that there is a bad rotten egg somewhere in the house. Jeremy says that if he’s nominated, he’ll be a shit to everyone.

Jeremy, Jay, Calista, Amy, John and Victor are outside in the garden. Jeremy, Victor and maybe Amy drank most of the beer. John, Jay and Calista leave. Amy leaves as well to spy.

* * * * *

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