Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E12 (E4)

Chris Moyles is the next celebrity hijacker. All of the HM are asleep in the bedroom. Today’s hijacker has turned the living area into a pub. The HM wake up to a radio broadcast. Chris Moyles is a radio DJ on BBC1. Amy recognizes him right away.

They hear Nathan’s song. Overnight, 5 tons of snow were delivered to the BBUK house and dumped in the garden as a practical joke.

Amy is happy that Chris Moyles is the hijacker. She’s really excited. She’s afraid that she’ll be rubbish. Big Chris asks the HM to gather at the sofas. Jeremy is called to the diary room because he didn’t believe that the snow was real. Moyles makes Jeremy do a snow angel in only his pants, after coming out of the hot tub. He makes him to it for a little while. Moyles calls Amy into the diary room. He calls Amy Annie. Moyles jokes around with her a bit. Moyles is playing with the camera. Victor is in the toilet. Moyles plays a funny song. He plans on calling people wrong names. He calls Brian, the winner of BBUK last year. Brian suddenly appears and goes into the diary room. Chris Moyles is joined by his crew in the BB hijack booth. Most of the HM are in the living area. Chris has made Emilia the barmaid for tonight. The HM are participating in a quiz against Moyles and his crew. Everybody gets some pints of beer. There is a tiebreaker between Nathan’s team and the celebrity team. The celebrity team wins. HM will receive basic rations.

Nathan is in the diary room. Nathan says that he fancies Amy. She’s his favourite HM. Moyles gives him some tips on how to get with Amy. He doesn’t say anything about Latoya.

Moyles is in the secret Pub Snook. John is in toilet. He pushes a wall and goes up a staircase. He meets Moyles. Chris gives John a present. He gets three minutes to call someone on a cell phone. He wants Anthony to call his mom. He’s also going to call his family. Moyles steals some toilet paper. He tells Anthony about the phone and the call. Moyles leaves the HM with some pizza.

Liam is in the diary room talking about Amy. Nathan tells Amy that he lied about having a crush on her. She feels embarrassed. Victor makes a mean comment. Latoya goes to sleep in another bed, further away from Nathan.

Later some of the HM are in the diary room singing puppy love. Nathan and Latoya are at the sofas. Emilia and Amy are in the bathroom talking about the situation. Latoya heard a bit of the conversation that Nathan was having with Amy. Amy says that she feels bad.

* * * * *

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