Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E13 (E4)

John is in the diary room. He is talking about the different HM. He sees that Amy has found a place in the group. Jay and Calista get on well together. Today’s celebrity hijacker is art critic Brian Sewell. Amy recognizes the name right away. Amy is nervous. John puts on a silly hat and is told off for it. Big Brian says that he is disappointed from what he has seen on the program. He dislikes the HM. The HM have to construct a four course dinner to impress him. He puts Victor and Emilia in charge. Big Brian tells off Victor for being an ass. The HM decide to cook duck with some vegetable ravioli on the side.

Amy is pretty happy about the task. Nathan doesn’t like Brian. Brian has told the HM to clean the house. Anthony and Nathan are in the diary room. They are talking how they didn’t like how he talked in the beginning. Brian thinks that they are talking too much about themselves in the house. Brian tells Anthony that he has shown more about himself. Brian likes the conversation that he is having with both of the boys. Victor, Emilia and Jeremy are in the kitchen. Most of the other HM are in the bedroom. Amy wants to talk about art with Brian. Anthony asks about Andy Warhol. Amy explains. Amy says that art shouldn’t be elitist. It should be for everybody. Victor says something in Italian to Emilia about not breaking his balls. Brian understood it and found it funny. Big Brian calls Amy to the diary room. Big Brian has some of Amy’s photos. He wants to know more about her art. He says that this is a problem with contemporary art. He doesn’t understand her art. The signification isn’t apparent. He says that the public wouldn’t understand her art. He thinks that the ancestral arts are so difficult that most art students are too lazy to really master. It’s easy to be a conceptual artist. It’s a lot harder to be a sculptor.

Liam is in the diary room tasting wine for tonight’s meal. Brian tells him that Liam was very heroic when he didn’t get up when he was woken up by the music earlier this week. He continued to have his wank. Liam is speechless, but takes it well.

Calista guessed it immediately that he had a wank. John guesses it as well.

He’s asked the HM to dress as members of the other sex. Calista, Amy and Latoya have been instructed by Big Brian to keep the conversation high brow. The HM are having dinner. Big Brian says his goodbyes and tells the HM that they have passed the task. They will be getting some luxury food tomorrow morning.

Earlier this evening, the HM got some alcohol. John is cutting Anthony’s hair. Emilia and Liam are in the bathroom talking about Emilia’s upbringing. John is putting a cross on Anthony’s hair. Victor tells Anthony to pretend that the boys cut

Anthony’s hair while he was sleeping. Calista joins in the fun and wants to get Emilia. Emilia falls for it.
Later in bed, Emilia tells Jeremy that she wants to keep in contact. They want to exchange number. Anthony tells Calista that he loves her voice and that they should exchange numbers.

* * * * *

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