A Rangemobile On The Storytree

A while ago, I lent my USB flash drive to my wife. I had aptly named it the Rangemobile. As you might have guessed, Range has been my nickname all of my life. The origins go back deep into childhood, but that’s another story.

I rarely used the Rangemobile anymore. It was only a 256MB Kensington drive, so it wasn’t very big in storage capacity. My father had given it to me years ago. After a while, I asked my wife where the Rangemobile was. I had found bits and pieces of the little cap for the USB plug.

She answered that she had become friends with the Rangemobile and that they got along well. She said that she’d adopted it and things were working out.

A few months later, I purchased a new Rangemobile. A 16GB monster that was even smaller than the old Rangemobile. Strangely the new Rangemobile had 64 times more storage capacity that its predecessor.

I’ll always remember how my wife referred to her new buddy, the Rangemobile.

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