Teaching In Quebec

I was very surprised when I got jobs as a teacher in Quebec. I say jobs, because not one job can offer me the amount of hours per week that I need, which is about 15-20h. I took some good pictures of the Campanile.

I know that my CV was education centered. I had to translate it rapidly into English. It seems that language schools are well and working in Quebec, as probably all over the world. I have to update it. I went by the employment center at the university and got some tips. It was pretty much what I thought I needed to do, ie customize my CV to the type of position I’m applying to.

Just like private tutoring in Asia, these jobs are pretty similar. Pay varies from 12$ to 34$ an hour, depending on the size of the class and the school. The pay is significantly lower that in Taiwan, at least the median pay, and you mostly cater to students one on one. The most hassling thing here is actually getting around, but one outfit dispatches teachers only in specific sectors, so travel times are kept to a minimum.

I was actually thinking that I would end up doing some coding contracts, but they are hard to find, especially as part time employment. I actually wouldn’t mind working in a hotel and a night shift employee. You’re not exactly the night manager, but I get the feeling that you’ll see a lot of interesting things, which is something that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Zooomr is still down and I’m getting upset. Thankfully WordPress has upped their storage limit from 50MB to 3GB. It lets me post the best pictures.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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