University And Spring Break

I’ve been busy the last few days. I’ve taught around 13 hours this week. I learned that my Saturday morning student was canceling her classes due to her budget. My boss is confident that she can find me more hours. I just want to make sure that I’m working between 15 and 20hours next week.

Today I sent off my pay sheet.

The last few days have been used by homework at the university. I was surprised to learn that the Vachon building was closed yesterday due to some water damage. It didn’t matter, we managed to finish most of our homework. I’m in good shape for the homework. I’ve only got one left to start this week.

I’ve kept the weight off, and I’m looking a lot trimmer than before. It’s surprising. I plan on hitting the gym again this week. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. I’ve got to study for three exams in the next two weeks.

My spring break wasn’t really a spring break. I was kept busy. I like it that way.

The weather has been cold. I woke up once again to -25C temperatures this morning. I was able to sleep in today until 9AM.

Sagana And Dreams Of The Past

I wrote this post back on the 11/11/2007.

As I started using Facebook to contact my old friends, I kept wondering about what happened to Sagana. It had been years since I heard from him. I had received some news through Yan telling me that he was at some art fairs.

Serendipity came knocking at my door, and I happened to meet him earlier this week while taking pictures of La Fabrique, the visual arts building of Laval University.

The university building was deserted and it suited my photographic plans ideally. I snapped away. Per chance, as I was looking through my lens, I thought that I was seeing a familiar face. I zoomed in and recognized my friend Sagana. He was bearded, but that was the only change that I saw. Remarkable, after almost seven years.

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Big Brother US S09E07 (CBS)

Alex knows that he is nominated because of Amanda. Matt is pissed because he is nominated. James/Chelsia went back on their word. James doesn’t care.

Alex keeps telling Amanda to give him some space. She keeps trying to talk with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E06 (CBS)

Amanda wasn’t happy to see Parker go. Alex was happy to see him go because Amanda liked him. He’s a twit. Alex and Amanda weren’t happy. Alex knows that he’s going to get nominated. He knows that it’s the fault of Amanda’s big mouth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E05 (CBS)

Josh thinks that Amanda has got a big mouth. She enjoys gossiping with all of the HM. Chelsia thinks that it will bite her in the ass. Nat thinks that it’s her way of getting the attention back on her.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Job Titles Not To Use

These are a few job titles that you shouldn’t be using.


Quarterlife is an online show, that was acquired by NBC. It’s a dramedy. It premiered last night with dismal ratings and is in danger of being canceled after only one episode. Quarterlife is also an online community. If you liked the pilot, you can watch the rest of the season on the website.

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