Zooomr Photos MIA

When I said earlier tonight that Zooomr was back up, I spoke too soon.

If you are using Zooomr and you are wondering where the last six months of your photos are, you are in for a shock.

The Zooomr team is currently moving their data from the US to Japan. The first step was to ship over the most recent data. As of last night, all of the photos from August 07 to January 08 are offline. If you are going through my posts and finding missing photos, that is the reason.

It has been mentioned on the forums that these images will be back in at most a month. One the Zooomr 2008 release page, they mention within this month. I assume they mean February 08.

I just ran a quick check. The missing photos actually span from the 24th of September 07 to the 18th of January 08. This is a total of about 1750 photos MIA.

Wow, I don’t know what to say.

What’s acutally most annoying is that I was relying on Zooomr as an online archive. All of my photos are on my main computer in Taiwan. I’m currently in Quebec. There was no way for me to take those photos with me actually, given the time frame.

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