Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E14 (E4)

Calista is having a bath and a wank. John walks in and she says that she was only cleaning, not masturbating. It’s really funny. Some of the HM are talking about Liam in the bedroom about Liam’s wank incident. Liam finds it funny. The other HM ask him questions about his wanking habits. Victor and Jeremy have a laugh about it.

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Joan Rivers. Some of the HM are in the bathroom. The rest of the HM are in the bedroom. Big Joan wants everybody dressed and ready. She teases Liam about the wanking as well. Big Joan says that she will bring them in pairs of twos or threes. They will tell Joan why they are great. They will have to say why the other person should be evicted. Latoya, John and Jay are at the sofas. Some of the HM are in the bedroom. Anthony doesn’t know who Joan Rivers is. Calista explains.

Big Joan calls in Victor and Amy. Due to the result of the interrogation task, Amy and Anthony are immune. John is immune as well. Victor automatically faces nomination due to the same task.

Victor says that he would nominate Latoya. Amy finds Liam creepy. Victor doesn’t want to see Calista again. Amy says that she would pick Victor. That was harsh, he was sitting right next to her. She probably meant it. Calista is talking about gay porn. Nathan and Jeremy talk about how Emilia likes porn. Victor doesn’t like hearing this. Big Joan calls in Anthony and John. Joan says that it looks like Stevie Wonder cut Anthony’s hair. John says that he would throw out Jeremy. Anthony doesn’t like how lazy Nathan is.

Victor and Emilia are arguing about something. Victor is mad. Victor starts harassing Jeremy. He’s still upset about the porn star questions. Victor laughs at Emilia. Victor is being an asshole. Emilia says that Victor doesn’t listen. Victor says that he should disown his sister. Emilia goes to cry in the toilet.

Emilia has to have a limit on what she answers, because some things women can’t answer.
Victor on Emilia.

Big Joan is talking with Latoya and Emilia. Emilia is still crying. Big Joan is trying to make her feel better. Emilia says that Latoya is always hitting on her. Latoya thinks that Emilia should go because she is so clean.

Big Joan has called Liam and Jeremy to the diary room. Jeremy says that Liam is touchy feely. It makes Jeremy uncomfortable. He also hasn’t really talked with him. Liam says Jeremy should go because he isn’t serious. His Italian jokes are annoying. Liam says that he would throw Calista out. He says that she is rude to him. She told the whole house about his wank.

To wind HM up, Big Joan has them dress up in their eviction outfits. She nominates Jeremy. She nominates Liam for wanking. She nominates Emilia for being too nice and too good to be stuck in here. Sounds defeatist.

Calista wants to do a stunt to make everybody uncomfortable. She enlists Anthony, Jay and Latoya. Nathan says that he doesn’t like how Victor speaks with Emilia. Jay throws a glass of a water in Latoya’s face. Amy thinks that they are joking. Victor doesn’t know. Latoya throws a glass in Jay’s face.

Latoya says that she is going home. Latoya and Jay go into the bathroom. They are laughing their asses off. Jay comes out of the bathroom and says that he’s going home. Victor is being an ass. Victor says that Latoya makes her sick. They admit to their joke.

Nathan is in the hot tub for the past half hour. Anthony has shaved his head. Latoya is talking about Victor. She doesn’t like him. John is mediating the argument in the bedroom. They make fun of him. Emilia makes fun of him. John leaves. Victor is an ass.

Later Victor is still talking to Jay about it. Jay brings up the way that Victor argues with his sister. Victor is just an asshole. He thinks that it has made him look stupid. Victor storms out and starts hitting things. Anthony has to calm him down.

Emilia keeps repeating that their mother is watching. Latoya is talking to John and Nathan in the hot tub. She goes back into the bathroom to try and talk to Victor. She’s upset because Victor told her to f*ck off. They make her leave before

Victor gets violent. BB has called Victor to the diary room. BB wants Victor to calm down.

Emilia says that she never fights with her brother. Emilia says that she wants to leave. Jeremy gives her a hug.

Later, Latoya is in the diary room. John is having a chat with Victor. He is definitely calming him down. Victor is feeling calmer.

* * * * *

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