Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E15 (E4)

Keith Lemon is today’s hijacker.

Last night, Jay and Latoya had a fake argument. It upset some of the HM. Latoya and Victor had a real argument later on. Amy says that it was a mess.

Victor is in the diary room talking about what happened. Anthony and Calista are talking in the garden. Calista says that they are just friends.

Keith Lemon has brought a strange friend. BB says that he’s 12 years old. He looks 31. Amy is in the bathroom doing her wash and talking to Liam. Big Keith calls everyone to the sofas. Big Keith puts on some music and some of the HM start to dance. Jeremy, Emilia and Victor sit it out. He wants to HM to split up into groups and come up with a product that he can rip to make money. Liam is designated to go to the diary room because he looks like Jimmy Carr. Big Keith says that the opposite of a pant is a hat. He could mean underwear. The winner will win an old Ford Escort. Big Keith tells the viewers that if the HM are good, Martin will go into the BBUK house later on. Some of the HM get dressed up to present their product. The other follow suit. John and Liam’s presentation is filled with phallic innuendos.

The winners of the task are Amy, Anthony and Latoya for their poo invention. Big Keith says that Martin will be bringing in the prize. He will be staying with them. Keith says that he is 12 years old. He’s a giant man and gives Anthony some fish and chips. Some of the HM hide away when Martin wants to play kiss chess. Martin takes something and drops it into the bathroom. It starts to smell bad in the bathroom. It’s a stink bomb.

Most of the HM are in the sofas. Nathan, Martin and John are in the diary room. Amy is happy that Martin is gone.

Most of the HM are in the kitchen. Some are singing a song. Others are in the bedroom. Calista tells Jay that Latoya must have told Anthony about her boyfriend. He found it as an excuse not to get involved. Anthony is talking with Latoya about the same thing.

Why is Latoya always wearing a toque? I mean, I wear a toque all of the time as well but she’s on TV. Big Keith has left.

One of his other personas is hijacking the house. Amy is talking to Jeremy while they are doing the wash. Emilia comes in. Jeremy tells her to get the f*ck out. She leaves. Jeremy says that she annoys him. Calista is practicing some boxing moves with Anthony. Big Keith plays some music and the HM immediately start dancing and prancing around.

Latoya is looking at Anthony in a new flirty way. She wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty with him. That’s what her look says. Jeremy is giving Emilia a backrub. He’s looking out for Victor. Big Keith calls the HM back to the sofas. The HM have to get changed into Craig David. The HM are performing a soda pop song.

Later John is talking to BB. Emilia is stretching and showing off her ass. John goes to sleep by himself in the garden of all places.

* * * * *

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