Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E16 (E4)

The HM don’t know it, but two of them are getting evicted this week. Sounds about right!

Day 15

Most of the HM are asleep. Antohny and Calista are sharing a bed. Calista moves back to her own bed in the morning. Jeremy sees this. He finds it interesting.

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Denise Van Outen. Everyday, BB provides Calista with a keyboard. Denise says that John’s singing is terrible. Anthony and Emilia are talking about Friday’s eviction. She calls all of the HM to the sofas. Denise Van Alton is a TV presenter. Anthony says that she is very fit. She flirts with him.

Big Denise is going to call the HM to the diary room. They will have to do some classical music theater. Two of the HM will be winners. They will get luxury products.

Big Denise calls Calista and Jay to the diary room. From now on, they can only sing want they want to say. They have to sing West End Story style. Both of them are happy about this.

Big Denise calls John and Anthony to the diary room. Until further notice, the boys can only dance instead of walking. Big Denise calls Emilia and Victor to the diary room to plead to remain in the BBUK house. Emilia is terrible. Victor wasn’t too bad.

Liam and Victor are in the bathroom talking about Disney movies. Big Denise has called Jeremy to the diary room to sing his plea. Anthony and Calista are in the garden. Anthony says that this place is starting to do his head in. They are talking about who they think will go. Calista says that she likes Victor and Jeremy. Anthony says that he doesn’t like how aggressive Victor is. They are talk about their sleeping arrangements. She left the bed because Anthony said that he didn’t want to wake up in the same bed. He said that it was cool.

Most of the HM are in the living area. As part of the today’s task, Amy, Nathan and Latoya must form a chorus line each time music is played into the house. Liam is in the diary room to sing his plea. Big Denise is laughing her ass off while he sings. Denise says that it sounds like Kermit the frog. He sings a few bars of a type of song he likes to sing. Denise likes it.

Big Denise has selected with Calista and John as the most entertaining during the musical task. They receive their booty. Amy says that it’s mean because they only get a few supplies. Anthony is in the diary room talking with Big Denise. There is some more flirting. Denise likes him. Anthony says that Big Denise blows his breath away. Denise hears this.

Later, Liam is in the bath. Victor, Nathan, and Jeremy are in the bedroom talking to Calista. John and Anthony are talking about Calista in the garden. John says that it’s dangerous to sleep with her. He says that he should be careful. Jay is teaching Calista to walk on a runway. John says that Calista obviously likes him. Anthony thinks that she still has a boyfriend in the outside. In the first week Calista told Anthony she loved her boyfriend and she wants to get married to him. Anthony says that he doesn’t like her romantically.

Later Anthony, John and Latoya are having fun in the garden. Anthony and Latoya are having a dance-off. Jeremy, Amy and Emilia are talking about fancying people.

Calista is in the diary room. She says that her emotions are all over the place. One minute she’s happy, the next she’s sad. She doesn’t know about Anthony really. BB asks her to talk about her feelings for Anthony. Calista starts to cry. She comes out a bit later and tells Anthony that she’s going to bed.

At 4:40AM, all of the HM are in the bedroom. Calista and Anthony are talking about their relationship. Anthony says that they need to cool it. They’ve only known each other for two weeks.

Eviction Night

Dermot is about to reveal the evicted HM. He addresses the house. The second evicted HM is Liam. The third evicted HM is Victor. Great going. Jeremy and Emilia are left in the house to pursue their romance in peace. Victor is getting a lot of boos. He should have had a single walk of shame. Liam is getting cheers.

Eviction Night Interview

Dermot shows the evicted HM to the viewers. They have been in the holding room for an hour. Dermot interviews Liam first. He didn’t like the way Joan Rivers nominate him. Dermot says that there will be quite a lot of that coming up. Dermot shows a VT about his sexual habits. Liam is speechless again. He says that he finds Calista annoying. Dermot asks him some questions about his business. Liam says that he fancied Amy and Emilia. He says that Emilia is a big flirt.

Victor says that he was glad to go. He couldn’t handle another week. Victor says that from the age of 12, she was brought up to take care of him. He can’t really do it herself. He is shown some footage how he mistreated his sister and the other HM’ reaction. He looks mortified. He says that he does like Jeremy, but that Jeremy isn’t good enough for Emilia.

* * * * *

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