Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E17 (E4)

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Scott Mills and he’s in a mood to annoy the HM. He’s a Radio 1 DJ. Scott has told the HM that they have to complete life drawings. Jay is called to the diary room. Big Scott tells the other HM that the task he told them about before isn’t happening. The brunt of the task is Jay, who is listening to Luther Van Dross in the diary room. They have to annoy Jay. The most annoying HM will win a special prize.

As Jay exits the diary room, Liam chucks something at his face. Big Scott finds it funny. Liam, Anthony and Emilia are in the diary room. Latoya has given Anthony her underwear to pose in. Anthony poses. He’s wearing Latoya’s underwear over his own. He has to pose for 45 minutes. While Jay is helping John, John pushes Jay’s easel down. People are burping. John is being annoying and mocking Jay. Jeremy is mocking him as well. Jay is taking it seriously. He doesn’t yet realize they are making fun of him. Jay starts to get pissed off at John. Scott asks whose the worst is. The HM say it’s Jay’s.

Jeremy is rattling a can. Liam touches Jay. Jay doesn’t like it. He says that everyone is annoying him. Jeremy is patting Jay’s head. Jay flees into the bathroom.

Big Scott thinks that Jay must know that something is going on. The other HM have been given props to annoy Jay with.

Big Scott tells the HM about the secret task. Jay said that he knew it.

Amy says that she puts too much pressure on herself on the outside. She likes it in the house. She is talking to Liam. At home, she says that she is annoying to live with. Big Scott calls Jeremy and Jay into the diary room. They are given Chinese food as a reward for the task.

Anthony and Amy are in the living area. Amy is learning to box. Big Scott leaves for Radio 1. Jeremy is teasing Amy. John joins Calista and Anthony in the living room. John finds the way that Jeremy talks to Amy disgusting. Amy says that she is getting pissed off.

Liam says that he likes to act. He was an extra in Hollyoaks. Jeremy is in the diary room talking about his feelings about getting evicted.

It’s eviction night. Liam is giving the HM a pep talk. He’s about to leave. Liam wants a group hug. Emilia is gutted to see her brother leave.

The HM have been separated into teams to cook along with Gordon Ramsay. Emilia misses her brother. Emilia says that it’s her boyfriend’s birthday today.

John, Amy and Jay are preparing the main course. Ramsay calls Amy sexy.
Anthony, Latoya and Amy are talking about Victor. Anthony thought that he was a bit of a knob.

Jeremy is giving Emilia a backrub. Emilia is talking about Calista and Anthony. Calista and Jay are talking about Anthony. Callie has decided not to be with her boyfriend anymore. She says that she was deluded.

The HM are playing charades. Emilia and Jeremy are in bed. Emilia says that Liam creeped her out a bit. Jeremy says that he hasn’t had a girlfriend for ages. They don’t want to join in with the other HM.

Latoya, Callie and Jay are screaming on the table. Emilia, Jeremy, Amy and Nathan are talking about their reasons to get into house. Jeremy is pissed at Emilia for her judgmental attitude. He’s pissed because she is having a go at him.

You don’t know shit about motor racing.
Jeremy to Emilia

John and Latoya are in the hot tub. Amy, Calista and Jeremy are in the garden. They are getting ready to smoke. Jeremy is stressed out. He got irritated by Emilia. Emilia wants to jump into the hot tub. Emilia goes into the diary room. She’s complaining that she misses Victor.

* * * * *

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