Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E18 (E4)

All of the HM are in the living area. Today’s celebrity hijackers are the McQueen sisters from Hollyoaks, Claire Cooper, Gemma Murna and Jenny Metcalfe. The HM are happy, especially the boys. Jeremy says that they are fit birds and that he is going to have a shower. The boys are getting ready for the Hollyoaks girls. They ask Anthony to take is morning robe off while he brushes his teeth.

The girls ask Jeremy, Nathan and Anthony to compete for a date with them. John is upset because he wasn’t chosen. He is fat, what did he expect? Anthony has chosen Latoya and John to coach him for his tasks. Jeremy has chosen Emilia and Amy. Nathan has chosen Calista and Jay. The suitors have to compete in dancing, singing and other events. They will also have speed dates with the Hollyoaks girls. Anthony and Latoya are talking about Calista. He says that he knows that she feels bad about how things went down between them. Anthony doesn’t really like Callie that way. Well, he won’t commit to anything while they are in the BBUK house. Callie has said that she has a boyfriend and that makes things awkward for Anthony. John joins in.

All of the HM are in the living area. The suitors have been provided with costumes. Anthony and Nathan look good. Jeremy looks like an idiot. I think he’s wearing a dress. Jeremy didn’t really want to practice dancing or anything beforehand, that’s probably why he was singled out. The HM say that Anthony looks like a black James Bond. Anthony is called into the diary room. They ask him about his chat up lines. He says that he hasn’t got any. They ask him what kind of girls he likes. He says a lot of good things. The girls like him a lot. Jen says that she wants to marry him. Nathan is next. Calista says that anyone who goes into the diary room will have a boner. Nathan is being a bit boring. Nathan is being a shit. He says that the girls have to convince him that they are good enough for him. They ask him to sing. He complies.

It’s Jeremy’s turn. He’s coming up empty. He’s not wearing a dress, but a matching shirt and shorts. The girls liked him as well. The winner is Anthony. Latoya and John get a cake. The McQueen sisters are in the boudoir, a special room that can be accessed via the storeroom. They are waiting for him on a heart shaped bed. They want him to dance for him a bit.

Calista is sucking her thumb. She’s jealous. The date went well. The girls want to leave lipstick marks on Anthony. Callie says that Anthony is naked when he walks in. Anthony’s shirt is unbuttoned. The McQueen sisters say their goodbyes to the HM and imply a lot of things for Anthony. Callie and Anthony are cuddling on the sofas. Amy, Nathan, Emilia and Jeremy are at the hot tub. They are talking about Anthony and Callie.

HM have been given a Brazilian themed party by the E4 viewers. Callie is getting dressed by Jay. She says that she wants to look good. The HM appreciate Jay’s craftsmanship. He took a few minutes to make dresses for Emilia and Callie.
John and Emilia are dancing a salsa. They are good.

Emilia comes to the diary room. She says that Victor possibly would have won the task. Anthony dumps some water on John while he was lying on the sofas. John says that Anthony is going down. Amy doesn’t want them to throw food. She says that she will throw plates of food at their heads. A few minutes later, John is getting ready to strike back at Anthony. Anthony is too quick and the dish of water falls on John. Anthony is upset at John because John mocks hit with his wit.

Anthony isn’t smart enough to strike back. BB has called John and Anthony to the diary room. BB wants to calm them down. Anthony is threatened by John’s academic accomplishments. Anthony thinks that John belittles him. John doesn’t think their friendship will work anymore. Anthony thinks that John is putting him down.

Jeremy and Emilia are cuddling in the bedroom. Anthony accuses John of a lot of things while he talks with Latoya. Latoya tries to mediate their argument, but Anthony walks away.

Anthony and Callie are snuggling and talking about their relationship.

* * * * *

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