Big Brother Celebrity Hijack S01E24 (E4)

Today’s celebrity hijacker is Malcolm McLaren. All of the HM are locked in the bedroom. Big Malcolm has asked BB to remove all of the furniture. John is teaching Anthony the Scottish national anthem.

Amy, Emilia and Jeremy are talking about sluts in the bedroom. Anthony and John are talking about politics. BB asks all of the HM to remove their microphones. Big Malcolm takes control of the house. He wants them to unroll some large rolls of corrugated cardboard. He has to come out and help them out. They have to unroll the rolls to create a large maze. Emilia is whining that she can’t get out and that she is scared.

Big Malcolm asks them to strip off. Amy says that she won’t get naked. Jay says that he doesn’t want to do it. Calista says that she won’t show her nipples. John and Amy leave the living area and decide not to participate. Most of the HM are in the living area in their knickers. I’m surprised that Amy doesn’t want to participate in this artistic activity. It’s really arty and she tries to justify it to John.

The HM will have to cover their entire bodies with paint. John kind of wants to do it. Amy still doesn’t want to do it. Big Malcolm asks John and Amy to get the bike and take a few clothes off. He wants the tires painted and wants them to ride it.

It looks like a lot of fun and the HM are enjoying it. John is riding the bike.

Calista, Nathan, Anthnoy and Jay are in the shower talking about Big Malcolm. Malcolm says that he went to air school all over the place in the UK. He kept changing his name so that he could do the same art course all over again so that he could get grants.

All of the HM are locked in the bedroom again. Big Malcolm has had the living area decorated with the HM’s art. Anthony is the bath talking to Calista. Calista thinks that she’s going to get evicted with Jeremy.

Big Malcolm will hold a wine tasting session, which will be broadcasted in black and white. The HM enjoy the experience. Amy says that the first free time she has, she’ll go wine tasting. Emilia says that she will do this also. Jeremy thinks that it’s a great way to get birds. He thinks that Big Malcolm is a legend.

Calista is talking to Jay. She says that she finds it annoying that everybody thinks that she is leaving. Emilia’s lipstick looks like a porn star. Emilia is worried about the booing she is getting. Jay and Calista are evicted. The HM rejoice because they’ve made it into the final.

Purple Ninja throws custard pie all over some of the HM. Jeremy gets the blunt of it. Amy mimics the sounds of the crowd that she heard from the outside. She’s funny. Anthony talks about Calista’s situation. He didn’t like how Calista pursued her actively in the house.

Jeremy guesses that Amy’s breast size is 34D. Amy says that he’s been rummaging through her stuff. Jeremy says that he’s really good at that sort of thing.

* * * * *

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