Spooks S06E08 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Spooks will be back for another season, but a lot of actors are going to change. It is the last season for Rupert Perry-Jones, who plays Adam Carter. I’ve also read that a new spin-off show called Rogue Spooks will air next year. Sounds good.

As with other British television shows, it’s common for a lot of the main actors to rotate out after a while. Spooks is no exception. It doesn’t really matter if Adam is gone. This actually gives the writers a good way to do some interesting story arcs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Adam is in bed with Ros once again. Tensions are mounting in the Persian Gulf.

A man is getting killed by Bob Hogan, US Ambassador and head CIA spook in London.

Ros gets a call from the Frenchwoman of Yalta. She threatens to expose Ros to MI5. She tells Adam that she is cultivating a new asset.

The Frenchwoman tells Ros that 6 people of Yalta have been assassinated in the last few days. The Frenchwoman’s name is Magrid. She’s trying to stop the coming war, but the Americans have other plans. The Americans are aware of Yalta and are cleaning house.

Eric Glogin, a media magnate, was assassinated earlier today. Anne Bosher is the Frenchwoman’s real name. She was the head of the network of the Yalta. MI5 is targeting her.

Bosher is planning an attack on the US. They are planning an op called Floodland on the US. Ros doesn’t know it but she is being spied upon. She needs to get the Floodland activation code.

Kaplan saves Ros from Hogan. Hogan was about to kill Bosher. Kaplan runs away with evidence. Bosher tells Ros to kill Kaplan and get the activation code from Glogow.

Ros is trying to convince Kaplan to talk with her, but he won’t have it. She’s been made. Jo calls Kaplan. She wants to meet. Kaplan doesn’t make a lot of sense. He shows Jo the video that he took of Ros being tasked to get the activation code.

Ros phones the Yalta man that she knows. Yalta isn’t worried. They want her to continue her task. The top Yalta man is reporting to someone else.

Jo tells Adam about Ros’ betrayal to Yalta. He informs Harry. Ros walks into Thames House. Harry and Adam talk to her. She says that she has infiltrated Yalta. She says that she was a good source of information. Harry tells her that he thinks that Adam is right. He tells her that she came back to MI5 because she knew that her cover was blown. He tells her to tell all. She tells them about the Yalta attack on American interests.

Bob is phoning Harry. He wants Ros.

Harry wants to send her in on a bluff. They get the activation code and send it to her. She determines the nature of the attack, then reports back. MI5 then utilizes all their resources to intercept the attack and disembowel what remains of Yalta’s operation. Sounds shaky.

Adam wants TTX2. Synthetic Tetrotetoxin. He wants it measured against Ros’ bodyweight.

Liam Fairfax was an internet entrepreneur. He was a hacker beforehand. His company is owned by Glogow. Connie thinks that Fairfax probably held onto it, it’s probably still in his room. They go over the file again.

Bosher has fixed a RDV point in the middle of nowhere. Ros gets picked up and activated a GPS transponder. They take her to an old mansion guarded by security personnel. She finds the Yalta man waiting for her. He doesn’t say much and doesn’t tell her how to get out.

Adam and Harry get near to the mansion. They need a diversion. Adam needs to get in. The Yalta security men are monitoring the transmissions so that MI5 can’t use their surveillance equipment. Adam uses some high powered sprinklers to cover his approach to the mansion.

Jo finds the code hidden in a periodic table.

Yalta plans on disabling the American satellite network. This will cripple their military. Ros is running out of time.

Adam finds Bosher and another person running the information side of the operation.

Ros finds Juliet Shaw in charge of Yalta.

She was left apparently paralysed from the waist down by a car bomb attack on the Home Secretary in Series 5 Episode 1, during a chain of terrorist attacks, but reappeared later in the series in a wheelchair. Juliet harbors a grudge against Ros Myers, since it was her father, Sir Jocelyn Myers, who organised the chain of attacks that ultimately led to the car bomb and her paralysis. However, she reappears in series 6 as a high-ranking Yalta operative, freely walking around and apparently unparalysed.

Ros betrays Harry and Adam. Adam hears all of this. Harry is about to be taken into custody. Adam tries to signal Harry, but it’s too late. Adam gets the poison and heads to see Ros, whose been dropped in a room. He takes the needle to Ros’ throat. Harry is brought in front of Yalta. He sees Juliet. Adam releases Ros. She was very close to dying. Ros takes out Bosher. They are using the Silicon Knight game. It will enable Floodland. Fairfax found a backdoor to the American military network. They uploaded a logic bomb. It will disable the satellite network.

Ros goes downstairs to see Juliet. She bluffs Juliet and Yalta to get the computer. They have to leave Harry behind, they couldn’t find the keys to the handcuffs.

Ros plans on trying to save Harry. Adam doesn’t want to let her go. Adam runs away. It’s the distraction that Ros needs to get back to the house. Adam escapes in a car. He RDVs with Malcolm. Malcolm uploads a flash worm. He saves the network.

Yalta planned a little trap for Ros. She gets captured. Juliet is about to kill Ros. She injects her with the poison. She is dying. Harry is watching. Juliet leaves Harry cuffed and leaves.

Hogan wants to check the body during the funeral to make sure that Ros is dead.

Ros wakes up in her coffin. Adam injected her with the serum to reawaken her. She wasn’t dead. He switched syringes. Juliet injected her with a synthetic nerve agent which mimics death. He gives her a bag, a passport and some money. She has to leave and never come back. He can’t leave with her.

Jo looks upon Adam and in the distance sees someone like Ros walking away with a red bag. She looks at Harry and back at Adam. She knows that Ros isn’t dead.

* * * * *

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