Spooks S06E09 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Spooks will be back for another season, but a lot of actors are going to change. It is the last season for Rupert Perry-Jones, who plays Adam Carter. I’ve also read that a new spin-off show called Rogue Spooks will air next year. Sounds good.

As with other British television shows, it’s common for a lot of the main actors to rotate out after a while. Spooks is no exception. It doesn’t really matter if Adam is gone. This actually gives the writers a good way to do some interesting story arcs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Adam meets with the reporter Ben. He tells him about the bomb. He tells him the hoax led by the Americans. Adam wants the Americans held accountable and stop the impeding doomsday scenario that is playing out. The Americans will shortly tactically bomb Iran’s nuclear weapon facilities. In response, Iran will launch tactical nuclear weapons. Adam says that he wants to resign.

Adam comes back to find that Section D has been suspended until the Ros Meyer affair has been cleared. Harry gives a little pep talk. Jo calls Ben. Adam calls Ben as well. They both call him for different reasons.

Some one is surveilling Connie. He confronts her in the bathroom. His name is Davey. He has some information about a carbomb. He has placed it in London. Davey King is his name. He wants to get the team together so that he can blow them up. Harry phones the Undersecretary. He will not rescind their suspension. Harry has to act by his own accord and with his own plans. Harry invokes the Sunstrike protocol.

Adam tells Harry that he went to see Kaplan. He is worried about Jo. Harry thinks that someone with great influence has brought King back into the country to do their dirty work.

King is busy talking with his minder. He wants Section D destroyed.

Adam thinks that Juliet from the Yalta group is responsible for King.

Connie pays a visit to Bob. Jason Billing has been doing dirty deals. He is the Home Secretary’s assistant. He is the one who has tasked King.

Jo turns on her phone. She sees that she has got 30 messages. She sees that the Sunstrike protocol has been enacted. She turns around and sees King coming towards her with a knife. He stops.

Adam and Jo meet in full spook mode. She’s got a new phone. She was told to ditch her old one.

Bob pays a visit to Jason. He takes him along in his car. Malcolm is using a computer to find out more about King. He’s looking for the car that King targeted in 1984

Jo arrives with Kaplan at the safehouse. Connie and Harry have him strip to make sure that he isn’t taping anything.

Bob brings Jason to Adam. It gets a bit physical. Adam plants a tracker and scares him a bit. Jason calls King.

In order for the air strikes to stop, Billings has to strike a deal with Bakshi. That is why he wants Section D dead. Bakshi requests it.

King gives Harry a call. He plans on detonating the bomb at Gabriel Plaza. King will be in one of the buildings overseeing the scene. The bomb will be remote detonated. There will be a backup timer as well.

Kaplan realizes what it implies working for the Service. There are a lot of sacrifices. Jo and Kaplan are the first to arrive at the plaza.

Malcolm, Harry and Adam are checking the CCTV footage. They find Davey King. Davey King is observing the scene from above. Bob Hogan arrives and passes them some jammers. Davey King tries to detonate the bomb but it doesn’t work.

Harry walks out from behind the car and King shoots him. The muzzle flash is enough to pinpoint his location. King is on the 9th floor. Harry was wearing a vest. He isn’t dead. When King starts to shoot in full auto mode, Jo and Kaplan throw in some smoke grenades. Adam uses this distraction to deactivate the timer.

Kaplan and Jo take out the killers.

Connie talks with Jason Billing.

Harry meets with the Home Secretary. The Home Secretary is the one who ordered the killing of Section D.

Bakshi wanted to cooperate and take new nuclear plans, but wouldn’t do so because Section D was still alive. The nuclear plants would not be able produce enriched plutonium for a nuclear program.

Adam and Jo pay Bakshi a visit. Adam says that he will protect Bakshi as long as he keeps Anna’s child safe.

Harry meets Kaplan to give him the information, but Kaplan is no longer really a journalist. He thinks that MI5 can actually change things.

* * * * *

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