Spooks S06E10 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Spooks will be back for another season, but a lot of actors are going to change. It is the last season for Rupert Perry-Jones, who plays Adam Carter. I’ve also read that a new spin-off show called Rogue Spooks will air next year. Sounds good.

As with other British television shows, it’s common for a lot of the main actors to rotate out after a while. Spooks is no exception. It doesn’t really matter if Adam is gone. This actually gives the writers a good way to do some interesting story arcs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Israelis bomb a girl’s middle school in the Gaza Strip. 66 people died, mostly young girls under the age of 10. Bakshi appears on the BBC and condemns the attack.

Bakshi calls Harry and tells him that whoever was behind the attack, will be targeted. Harry is worried that he implies that London will be the target of the reprisals.

Malcolm received a Beethoven from Dissip, the Venezuelan Secret Service. It says that Dissip can help MI5 prevent the slaughter.

In Islamabad, a Brit is found murdered and wrapped in the UK flag. Adam comes by to see Jo. Adam has been informed that it might be Zaf. Islamic extremists purchased a Britsh intelligence officer. They tortured and killed him.

Bog Hogan tells Adam that a group of extremists named the Redbacks who operate under their version of extraordinary rendition. They killed the mercs, but saw an opportunity with Zaf. They extract as much information as possible from a spy, while the buyer sits in and then turn the spy over. The buyer then does his own interrogation and sells him off as well. The leader of Redbacks is a Jerry Townley, ex Marine Corps.

Jo is being targeted by the Red Backs. The King James International School is being targeted by the Islamic extremists.

Harry and Adam meet Fernando Torres, the Venezuelan Secretary for Goodwill Affairs. He informs them that the Venezuelan President will be the target of an American assassination attempt on British Shores. The Secretary gives them a file of Hannibal Rodriguez, he is an ex-member of the Venezuelan secret service. He was recruited by the CIA and has been commissioned to kill Chavez.

Torres says that ^plans are being made to attack a British school in retaliation for the bombing of the one in Gaza. He says that Venezuela is a paid up member of the Rogue Nation club. He can get the intelligence they need to save the children.

Hogan says that there is nothing he can do. He is out of the loop.

Carter got an invite to a known CIA hangout. It’s from the Venezuelans so that he can check out and find Rodriguez. Adam can’t go, he’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Jo suggests sending in Kaplan.

Kaplan is quick on his feet but disobeys Carter’s orders and follows the CIA handler Ryan Millar. He gets made.

Harry tells Adam that the body was Zaf’s. He died of some kind of ligature. He scratched the letters LV2 on his foot.

Torres says that the attack cell will fly in from France. There is a homegrown cell doing the watching at the moment. They don’t know the target yet.

Hogan tells Carter that the Redbacks will hit MI5. Adam ups security, but it’s too late. The Redbacks have Jo in their sights already. Malcolm saves Jo without knowing. He turns up for tea. He apologizes for what he said during the meeting about Zaf.

Kaplan has some insights about the location of Rodriguez. He says that if he was a hitman, he’d be staying in the place where the Latin cleaners stay. They have the advantage of having all access to high locations, perfect for sniping.

Jo is about to be snatched. The assassin is already in place. He stashes his sniper rifle. Adam is livid when he finds out that Jo is gone missing. Adam wants to try and buy Jo back. He wants to plant a tracker and then take the Redbacks out. Harry tells him that he is on his own. No one must know that the money is for Jo.

Kaplan noted that Rodriguez has an allergy to milk and cats. He poses as a health and safety executive and investigates. He finds his man.

Adam is waiting with Hogan for the Redbacks. Hogan pulls a gun on Adam. It turns out that Hogan is working for the Redbacks. He has sold Adam for the highest bidder as well. He says that Jo was just bait to get Adam. He tells him to remove the tracker. Thanks to Malcolm’s fastidiousness, MI5 know that Adam is in trouble. There is a backup tracker in the money itself. The British home in on the signal, but they are stopped by the Americans.

Kaplan leads the assault on Rodgriguez. He is incapacitated. The Americans know that the Brits have their assassin. They aren’t willing to compromise by using Hogan’s scheme. This is because the Brits have their assassin.

Harry is at a loss. Kaplan has some ideas on how to manage the situation effectively.

Harry has a meeting with the Americans and the Venezuelans. He tells them that Rodriguez is already dead.

The terrorists are ready to move on the school.

They’ve done something to Jo. She doesn’t admit to it but she isn’t acting normal. Jo’s been raped already by a Frenchman. Jo wants Adam to kill her. She can’t bear her fate.

Harry hands Rodriguez over to Torres in a backhand deal. They will give any captured Al Qaeda terrorists to the Americans. In exchange, the Americans will let them talk to Hogan.

The Redbacks have found some generals willing to pay the price for the two officers. They plan on starting with Jo.

A Special Forces team captures the terrorists. The deal is made and Harry has got an address.

The torturers are about to take Jo. Adam kills her as per her wishes. Special Forces are right outside.

* * * * *

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