Primeval S02E04 (ITV)

Primeval is a British science fiction drama television program produced by Impossible Pictures for ITV. The first episode was broadcast on 10th February 2007, and was renewed for a second series by ITV, which started on 12th January 2008.

The series follows a team of scientists who investigate anomalies in time and deal with the creatures that travel through. The team of five is led by Professor Nick Cutter, a palaeontologist determined to find his wife, who disappeared while investigating an anomaly in the Forest of Dean eight years previously.

From the Wikipedia entry on Primeval.

As much as the premise sounds ridiculous, the series is actually quite good. Things really get interesting when the predator from the future arrives in our timeline and wreaks havoc. There is also the enigmatic Helen, Dr. Nick Cutter’s ex-wife, who travels between times. She’s trying to get to the future era, but spends most of her time in the Permian Era.

I actually like the second series a lot more than the new season of Torchwood, and that’s saying a lot. The actors are good in Primeval and they have good chemistry, something that is completely absent from Torchwood. To confound matters even further, Dr. Cutter changed something by traveling into the past. Claudia Brown is missing and no one knows of her. He might have just stepped into an alternate worldline. However, clues are shown that there might be other time traveling agents involved. This show is really getting good.

Most definitely, Primeval is way better that the current season of Torchwood. I’ve just watched the third episode of Torchwood and it was a big bore.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A few teenagers are playing basketball on the Isle of Dogs. A sewer is overflowing with water. The ball falls into the open sewer hole. A teen comes to get it and gets attacked by something big in the water. He disappears while his homies continue playing ball.

The Anomaly Detection Unit detects… an anomaly.

Caroline is still hanging around Connor. She switches off his cell phone. She spies on Abby. She wants to teach Abby how to kick her adversaries in the throat.

Abby gets a call from Cutter. Connor has to leave.

Caroline reports to her minder. She tells him that she delayed Connor as long as possible.

Cutter, Jenny and Stephen are looking at the sewer. Cutter surmises that the anomaly was underwater.

In the sewer, the strange temporal agent was watching Cutter and Stephen. They head back up topside to get into the boats. There is only one way out of the sewers into the canal. Stephen hears a strange singing.

Connor and Abby are arguing about Caroline. They meet up with the rest of the team and get into boats to look for the creature.

Something hits the second boat. Abby has seen something in the water moments before it hit, but she argues with Connor once more when she can’t tell him which way to go. Jenny falls into the water. Something is coming after Jenny. It has a giant fin.

The other boat intervenes and gets Jenny to safety. Stephen shoots it with a few bursts. The creature is killed and they bring it back to ARC. There is another creature waiting for them in the water, but no one sees it. The creature has a proboscis covered with teeth. Cutter thinks that it’s the future evolution of the shark.

Cutter performs a necropsy. They can’t find the youth. This means that there is another creature out there.

Connor comes home and finds Caroline still there. Abby finds Rex imprisoned in the fridge. She freaks out and Caroline leaves.

Cutter has got a bad feeling. He sees the temporal agent lurking around and runs after him. The agent runs away. Cutter catches up with him in a boat. Before Cutter can get anything from him, he gets knocked out. When he wakes up, Cutter can hear the creature singing through the bulkhead.

Connor says that he has seen the guy as well at the ARC. Connor thinks that something is going on. They are being watched. They record the sounds and play them again. Abby sees something in the water but they can’t find anything. It comes out of the water to get Abby. Cutter tells Connor to get help and plunges into the water.

Lester comes to do some damage control. Connor is out of control. Cutter is in trouble. Lester sends Cutter home. He puts Stephen in charge.

Abby surfaces in the sewer system. She finds the youth. The creature is watching over them on the outside of their watery cage.

Cutter is still looking for Abby. Jenny helps him out with a hint. Cutter calls Connor. Cutter and Connor make their way into the warehouse that had the water complaints. They find the youth. Connor runs around to find Abby. She is about to get eaten, but she kicks the shit out of the creature that is after her.

The youth throws a stone and knocks out the creature. Another creature comes after Cutter. He is about to get eaten when the micro submarine comes up. It distracts the creature long enough for him to get away. Stephen sees Cutter on the remote viewer and plunges into the water with an assault rifle and a pistol.

Connor sees Abby, but a larger creature appears from the depths. Connor tries to save her but gets swatted away. When

Connor comes up, the creature has taken Abby through the anomaly. He runs after her. He wants to jump through. He makes it.

Cutter is about to get jumped by three creatures. Stephen arrives to save them. Connor finds Abby. She is being led up a hill. Connor takes a creature out and tries to help her. He grabs her hand, but she is slowly slipping away. At the last second, Cutter arrives and pulls them both up. Stephen throws him the assault rifle and they both shoot their adversaries.

They take out the chief of the creatures.

Jenny does some damage control and Lester arrives.

Connor and Abby are about to kiss. They are interrupted by Caroline. The security guard is working for Leek. Leek is working for Helen Cutter. Too bad, I thought that the security guard was some sort of temporal agent. Now that would have been cool.

* * * * *

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