I Have A Vampire In My Antsy Pants

Recently, my wife talked to me about Juno. I checked out the plot synopsis on wikipedia and thought that this movie wouldn’t interest me at all. I mean, come on. A teenager getting preggers and deciding not to get an abortion.

A few weeks later, I came upon Diablo Cody and her story. For some reason she was called the most awful pole dancer by some British tabloid. Diablo Cody worked as an exotic dancer, a phone sex operator and a journalist.

I read her blog and her wiki entry. I found out that she wrote the script for Juno. That made me want to see the movie.

Juno is a great movie. I’m surprised how much I liked it. It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite for some reason. I found the difference between the classes striking in Juno. Jennifer Garner and Justin Bateman play this rich yuppy couple. They live in a gated community. Juno lives in this tiny old house.

What really makes Juno such a great movie is the insight it offers into the minds of teenagers. I just love how the teens talk in this movie.

Another great thing is that this movie could take place in the 1970s. Technology is almost completely absent in this movie. The movie is about characters.

Any movie that mentions Dario Argento and his masterpiece Suspiria is gold in my book. I totally agree with Juno (Ellen Page) on that point. Suspiria kicks most slasher movies’ ass.

And finally, what really makes this movie incredible is the lo-fi soundtrack by anti-folk hipstress Kimya Dawson. My favourite track of the soundtrack has to be Vampire by Antsy Pants. It’s mostly sung by Leo Bear Creek and Kimya Dawson. Leo plays the ukulele. He’s 12!

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