Bus Stories Trickling The Storytree

I realized later last week that the twins from Bus Stories are actually a set of triplets.

I finally saw all of them together on the bus going home. It was my turn to stare at them for a little while. Triplets are rare. It’s a lot easier to find them when they are younger, but as they grow older, siblings tend to move around.

Some end up in different cities, some end up on the other side of the world.

This was the first set of triplets that I remember seeing in the flesh. At least of that age. I have seen baby triplets before, but never 12-13 year old triplets. They were all wearing similar clothing.


No that wasn’t right. I was still thinking in doubles. I needed to think in triples.


The same grin, the non-verbal communication, the tricks of the trade. They were busy looking at the older pretty girls in the bus and exchanging knowing glances. The complicity that they must have. But like most things, these disappear when they grow older. At some point the urge to be different from their brothers will take precedence, if it hasn’t already. By all means, it’s feasible that this happened years ago.

I looked at them while these thoughts were swirling through my head. I wondered if I was the only one who had noticed. No I wasn’t. A young woman had noticed it hem as well and was looking at them. They must get this so often. People looking from one of them to the other in a quick succession in order to locate the differences so that they can tell them apart.

I had twins in one of my second grade classes in Taiwan. They were called Miffy and Kitty. There was a little birthmark that made them easy to distinguish if you knew what to look for.

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