Big Brother US S09E02 (CBS)

Parker and Jen want to get rid of Sheila and Adam. Adam is digging a whole for himself because he refers to children with disabilities as retards.

Sheila continues to bitch about Adam to the other girls. She confronts him later about this. The other girls eye Adam in a strange way.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ryan and Allison are talking in the kitchen. She asks him if she is his type. Allison feels like she’s made a real connection with Ryan. Jen finds it hard. They kiss in secret.

Alex is really happy with Amanda. They get along well. Amanda likes him as well.

Jacob and Sharon aren’t worried about leaving. Jacob is talking smack about Parker. He doesn’t trust Parker. He tells Jen that people are saying that Parker is a snake. Jen talks about this with Josh. She tells Parker. Parker goes outside right away.

Jacob is a shit stirrer. Parker confronts him. Jacob doesn’t say where he heard it from. Parker says that he plans on waking up everyone and asking them who said that about him behind his back. He gets the sleeping HM. Chelsia thinks that Jacob just lied and said it. Jacob looks like an idiot. He didn’t think that Parker would do what he did.

Parker is up front and doesn’t like BS.

Parker and Jen talk and decide that Jacob and Sharon will go.

The next morning, Parker wants to talk with Sharon. Sharon says that the boys talked behind his back. She says that Ryan called him a snake. Sharon is trying to salvage and not get evicted. He talks with Jen and Jen has to tell him that she is dating him. Jen tells Parker that she is here to win.

Ryan decides that he has to tell Allison. Allison isn’t taking it well. She says that she is bummed. Allison thinks that he would be better off with her. Allison doesn’t trust Jen. Ryan doesn’t trust Parker, Jen doesn’t trust Allison. And finally, Parker doesn’t trust Ryan.

Sheila can’t sleep because Adam is snoring loudly. Parker and Jen have to decide who goes. Jacob and Sharon get evicted. Adam and Sheila got lucky. Jen is crying.

It’s time for the HoH competition. Parker and Jen are playing as well. Eric and Jessica from season 8 are hosting the HoH competition. They are still together. For some reason, all of the men guessed that the girls would want a pool boy to show up at their doorstep, except Chelsia. It was between Nathalie/Matt and Amanda/Alex. Amanda/Alex win.

* * * * *

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