Big Brother USA S09E01 (CBS)

The theme of this season is “Big Brother ‘til death do you part”. BB is playing matchmaker, forcing the HM to play the showmance. All of the HM are single and looking for love.

Alex is a DJ. Sheila is a MILF. Nathalie is a bikini barista. Jacob is an electrician. There a few religious nuts on this show. Chelsia has got piercings and tattoos. Amanda is a spoiled brat. Jen is a party girl. She’s a bartender. James is a strange guy bicycling around the world. He lives out of a tent. Sharon is a military brat. She’s a realtor.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Plastic Chen says that the HM will compete as couples. They will be evicted as couples, compete as couples and sleep together. Nathalie has got a giant rack. The interior is decorated like a log cabin. The girls find out right away that everyone is single. Sharon recently ended a 12 year relationship with a man she was madly in love. Sharon and Jacob were an item before. He’s in the BB house as well. Jacob ultimately cheated on Sharon that is why they broke up.

Jen and her boyfriend Ryan are also in the house. They will be working together to try to win the game. They’ve decided to play the game as complete strangers. Parker says that Jen is totally hot.

Jacob sees Sharon and needs to walk away for a few seconds. He comes back out to say hello. She’s already gossiping with the other girls. Sharon almost had a panic attack. She wants to get rid of him. Chelsia likes James.

Nathalie says that she’s from the beaver state. Amanda thinks that Josh is gay. Sheila is turning 46, she’s most definitely a MILF. Sharon didn’t know what to say when she introduced herself. Neil is gay and looking for love. Alex likes Amanda. Amanda likes Alex.

Plastic Chen tells the HM that they will be paired up. Ryan is starting to sweat. He’s the jealous type and couldn’t handle if Jen was sleeping with another guy.

Alex is with Amanda. James is partnered up with Chelsia. Nathalie is with Matt. Jen is with Parker. Ryan is not liking it. Josh is with Neil. Jacob is paired with Sharon. The last two couples have to use sleeping bags. There are no more beds available. Ryan is paired with Allison. Sheila is with Adam. She isn’t happy. She wanted to be with one of the young guys. Jacob doesn’t like it that Sharon told three people that Jacob is his ex.

Sheila is a nightmare. She doesn’t like Adam. She doesn’t like that he called him ma. She keeps talking behind his back right in front of him. He complains to some of the HM. He thinks that she is mentally unstable. Sheila continues to complain to the others. She starts to cry. She cries in the diary room.

It’s time for the first competition. Alex didn’t tell the HM that he owns his DJing company. Allison didn’t tell the others that she is a recovering gambling addict. The HM will compete for the power to evict another couple.

One of the pair has to be suspended to the other. Jen felt a bit jealous. Sheila apologizes for her bad breath. Adam tells her that her breath stinks. Sheila abandons after five minutes. The gay guys get out after nine minutes. Ryan is sweating all over Allison. Amanda could no longer hold on after 28 minutes. Jacob makes Sharon after 34 minutes.

For the five last couples, if they retrieve the heart shaped pillow form the bed, and if they win the competition, they will win 10K$. The couple who had the best chance was Chelsia and James. Allison was able to get the pillow, but they dropped the pillow and then Allison fell. Chelsia is able to get the pillow. Chelsia falls off James because they tried to hold onto the pillow. Jen and Parker were the first couple to get the pillow. They are able to negotiate with

Matt and Nathalie by promising them that they will be safe. Matt and Amanda drop off.

Jen and Parker have to decide who they will evict.

* * * * *

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