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Lost is a United States serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. The show was created by Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and is filmed primarily on location in Oahu, Hawaii. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. Since then, three seasons have aired. The show is produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions and Grass Skirt Productions and airs on the ABC Network in the United States. Its incidental music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The current executive producers are Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Because of its large ensemble cast and the cost of filming in Hawaii, the series is one of the most expensive on television.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

As a lot of other viewers, I was hotly anticipating the new season of Lost. However, since the WGA strike, I thought that they would simply choose to cancel the season, since with only 8 episodes shot and produced, fans would be disappointed. I think that possibly ABC might choose to produce the rest of the season this year and air it. Some of the networks will air shows during the summer. This is possible for Lost.

The third episode centers on Sayid. The flashforwards center around Sayid as well. We learn that he is one of the Oceanic Six. He is working as an assassin for someone. He seems to have an agenda.

Sayid is able to secure the release of Charlotte. This also enables him to negotiate passage off the island for himself and Desmond. Kate makes a surprising decision.

For all intents and purposes, Ben survived the island as well. We knew that he sometimes left the island, but it’s confirmed. He’s the one giving Sayid his list of people to kill. Supposedly Sayid is killing them to keep his friends who are still on the island safe.

This actually means that there might be more to the story, even after the Oceanic Six have left the island. There are still intrigues happening on the mysterious island. What can be said about the 31 minute time difference between the island and the time outside? Strange things are happening. First and foremost, Locke wanted to know what the monster was. Ben either didn’t know or didn’t want to tell Locke about the monster.

* * * * *

This is the third episode of the fourth season of Lost. It is Sayid centric.

Sayid looks at a bracelet on Naomi’s wrist. Sayid barters his freedom from the island against the safe return of Charlotte.

Sayid is playing golf. He’s in the Seychelles. An Italian bets that his golf ball will go further with another club. This is a flashforward. He says that he is one of the Oceanic 6. He got a large settlement when the Italian probes him with questions about his money. The Italian starts acting all nervous and tries to bid him good day. When the Italian wins the wager, Sayid insists on paying him. Sayid pulls out a 9mm and shoots him in the head. He mentions that his name is Mr. Abalene.

Sayid arrives at a trendy coffee shop. He asks German a pretty blonde woman if the seat is free. He must be in Germany. He’s in Germany. He meets Elsa. Her employer is an economist. Elsa shops for him. She thinks she knows him. Sayid says that he will tell her where she knows him from if she lets him take her out for dinner. As he leaves, Sayid phones someone and says that he made contact.

Sayid finds a picture of Penny and Desmond in Naomi’s affairs. He shares it with Juliet, Kate and Jack. Sayid says that he is going to make Locke release Charlotte without spilling any blood. Miles wants to make sure that he is going with Sayid.

Sawyer wants to know who the spy is on the freighter. He’s just all talk and no play. Locke kneels down and finds his marker. Locke notices that the cabin is no longer where it was. Ben says that John wants someone to tell him what to do. Locke wants to move on to the barracks. They have a little argument.

Jack and Kate are talking about his being left behind. He thinks that Kate should go with Sayid. He doesn’t trust Locke. When Frank asks about Sayid, Jack says that he was a torturer in Iraq.

Miles asks about why the group is split in tow. Sayid says there was a fundamental difference on how the arrival of the freighter is perceived within the two groups. One of them thinks that they are here to kill the survivors. The others think that they are here to save them. Sayid hasn’t made up his mind yet.

In the flashforward, Sayid picks up Elsa. They are on their fifth date. Elsa looks hot. Sayid has been in Berlin for over a week.

Faraday starts measuring some readings. He needs the phone. Frank says if Minkowski answers the phone, he should hang up immediately. The boat fired a payload. It never arrived. It was homing in on Faraday’s signal.

Sayid’s party arrives at the barracks. They hear someone in one of the houses. It’s Hurley. Locke says that they left him. He tells Sayid about what happened. When asked if the people on the ship are going to kill them, Miles just asks strange. Hurley says that Locke went by Locke’s house before leaving.

The payload finally arrives. There is a 31 minutes time difference between the chronometers. Desmond arrives with Juliet.

Sayid finds a secret door. He finds a room filled with travel documents and clothes. A drawer is filled with money. There is a Swiss passport with Ben’s picture. Sawyer arrives. Locke has a gun on Sayid. It was a trap. They imprison Sayid with Ben.

Sawyer says that he isn’t looking to leave. He hasn’t got anything to go back to. Sawyer wonders why Kate wants to go back. All that’s waiting for her are handcuffs.

Locke and Sayid start talking strategy about how to deal with the people from the freighter. Sayid says that he plans on exchanging her for something.

Elsa and Sayid are in bed. Elsa wants to know more about Sayid. She says that she is in love with him. It just pops out. Sayid says no more secrets. Just as she is about to ask him a question, Elsa’s beeper sounds off. She has to go to work.

He tells her that she has to leave Berlin. Something is about to happen to her employer. His name is on Sayid’s employer’s list. The man Elsa is working for isn’t an economist. Elsa takes out a gun and shoots Sayid. She phones her employer. She talks about Sayid. She says that she didn’t kill him. She tells her employer to leave the hotel and that she will meet him at the safe house. Sayid isn’t dead. He kills Elsa with his gun.

Desmond wants to know who Frank is working for. He wants to know about Penny Widmore. Sayid comes back with Charlotte. What did Sayid exchange her for? For Kate and for Miles.

Daniel tells Frank to follow the exact same bearing that they came in on. Sayid is getting ready to go. He tells Frank that they should bring Naomi with them. The helicopter lifts off with Sayid and Desmond on board.

In the future, Sayid arrives at a veterinary clinic. He’s still injured. Ben is there. Sayid is working for Ben. His target was Elsa. She didn’t kill Sayid because she was trying to get information from him. Sayid is crying. Ben says that he needs to protect his friends. Elsa was part of a group that did something. They know that Sayid is after them now.

The last time that he went with his heart, things didn’t turn out too well for Sayid. Ben used this to recruit Sayid as a hitman.

* * * * *

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